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closed eyes, dizziness, distortion, shaky

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What is wrong with me??? i have stress anxiety when taking big test i sometimes feel out of my body and everything starts feelin out of place and sometimes shaky. when i have my eyes closed sometiems i feel like im leaving my body in going into a world were everything is shaking side to side. when i was about maybe say 9 or 10 id have this happen when my eyes where open just out of the blue, id get very scared and cry it was very frightening one day it happened for like a 5 days period but it was a different feeling like i couldnt look around id burst out crying just walking to the bathroom 5 feet away i cant explain what i was feeling in my head but it was terrifying i covered to sides of my eyes so i could only see directly infront of me. i don't know if any of that stuff helps but there ya go.
Also: i got checked out by the doctor awhile ago and they made me hypervanalate (quick in-out breaths for 4 minutes) to inuduse something and woah i was on a spiraling hill going every which way but the had brain nodes or whatever connected to my head and said nothing weird was going on.
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First Helper zacj

replied July 3rd, 2011
doctor said it was probally vertigo
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