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"closed comminuted" fractured femur

Sunday morning 05th Feb 2012, while on a bike ride with my group of riding friends I had a burst front tyre, lost control of my bike & scraped onto the side of an on coming car.

A very long ambulance ride to the hospital & a few X rays later my right femur has a "closed comminuted" fracture around the middle of the femur & could see more than 3 pieces of bone.

Same night i had the surgery & had a stainless steel IM rod with 2 screws at the top & 2 screws at the bottom and 2 smaller screws holding the fragments in the middle.

Fast forward 2016 all except the two mid femur screws & the top most screw of the IM road are intact. The lower 2 screws & 1 upper screw has broken in situ and was causing me considerable pain. An X ray & doc visit later we decided to operate & get the rod out as such The Doc felt that the fractured portion was healed & would not cause any problem.

During the surgery while removing the IM rod , one of the screws came along with he rod into the femur shaft & broke out the fracture site again, partially, there was a partial fracture again and the IM road was pushed back in without any screws this time.

Does anybody have any advice for me & or any guidance so as to my next course of action ?
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