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Clonazepam, Alcohol, Sleep Apnea = death?

My mother is 51 years old
Well over 100 pounds over weight
She takes 2mg or more a day of Clonazepam for her anxiety and panic attacks.. she has a high stress job
She also is a heavy drinker: drinks 2 bottles of white wine every night
She snores very loud and heavy, makes random gargle and choking noises, and stops breathing for 10 seconds or more

How high risk of death is this?

I read taking Clonazepam and have sleep apnea untreated can cause her to stop breathing completely because less h20 gets to her brain.
I also read that alcohol and Clonazepam mixed together when sleeping can cause her to stop breathing because they work on the same brain receptor (GABA) which again, causes less h20 to her brain.

Thanks for your help.. I really need it for her...
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replied July 4th, 2013
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Your mother should report this to her doctor ASAP. You are describing sleep apnea, a potentially serious disorder. The heavy drinking, anxiety, panic attacks, and weight issues all need to be addressed too, but what you can do is limited, other than make suggestions. She's got to be the one to do this.

Good luck.
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