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So I recently took an airplane. Typically when I fly I experience pain on descent, and my ears will NOT equalize (despite doing all the trick - this may be a result of chronic and severe ear infections for the first half of my life). However, upon landing the pain dissipates and my ears equalize within a few hours. This flight was no different, and a few hours after landing my ears popped and all was well.

However, a few days later I was driving in the car and I yawned. My left ear crackled and I felt a very sharp pain. I thought it was strange but didn't do anything. The next morning I awoke to pain in my left ear and a clogged feeling. The pain whooshed in with every heart-beat, if that makes sense. I took some advil and the pain mostly went away but the clogged feeling did not. It is now day 2 and there is no real pain anymore, but it feels even more clogged and I feel like I can hear my heartbeat in my ear.

Sometimes if I put my head low (like if I go upside-down) the clogged feeling is temporarily removed but it it painful to do so.


UPDATE: There now feels like there is fluid sloshing around in there if I move my head upside-down. ???
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