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Clench at night -TMJ or something else?

Hello! I've just been diagnosed with TMJ (muscular),-I clench at night. However, my symptoms seem so strange I don't know whether they can be a result of that disorder or something completely different. I have suffered from sinusitus for quite a long time and always thought that was what made me feel these weird symptoms. However, I have been to several ENT's who claim my sinuses are completely healthy, and several CTs have also proved they are.
I was wondering if these symptoms can in any way be related to TMJ?
I have a constant feeling of pressure behind my nose. Sometimes it gets worse when just walking, and also when I bend forward.
Whenever I swallow something I feel like the pressure increases, and also when I'm chewing.
If I get headaches the pressure behind my nose increases dramatically, and the nose will actually swell and get very warm.
Can TMJ cause anything like this?
I also have ringing in my ears.
Sometimes the pressure behind my nose is felt more on one side.
Would really appreciate some input as I feel this is driving me crazy!
(I do have sore gums and really tired jaws as well)
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replied May 22nd, 2014
Hi, I can't comment on the pressure behind the nose being a tmj thing...i have had tmj for over 20 years and i clench my teeth when i am sleeping and i also have ringing in my left ear along with clogging of the left ear, my right ear bothers me too but not as much as my left ear, there are so many symptoms of tmj and if you have been told your sinuses are healthy i would visit my dentist to find out for sure if that was the case(tmj that is) that is where i first found out i had tmj...i also have sinus issues too,tmj is not a fun thing to deal with thats for sure, i am not sure if i have helped any, but if you have any questions i can try to answer them Smile
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