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clear/white-ish, slimy, hard, Boogery discharge?

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I fingered my girlfriend a couple days ago and it hurt her. After, she has been getting discharge; clear/white, chunky, slimy, boogery kind. I remember another girl had the same thing when i fingered her and it came from fingering her after.

Today, she said she mentioned getting the discharge. Last night, she was really turned on from talking, like a lot, but we didnt do anything. Can the discharge be from being turned on? Or is the discharge from being sore? I asked her on a 1-10 scale today where her pain was and she said about 5. The pain has been going down.

So is the discharge related from being turned on or from the pain? Im not so sure if she has ever had it whenever her vagina isnt hurting and she is turned on.
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