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Clear To White Smelly Vaginal Discharge

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So I've Been Having Unprotected Sex With My Boyfriend... I Found Out That I Was Pregnant And Going Through A Miscarriage In January . After The Miscarriage Was Complete I Continued To Have Unprotected Sex And I've Got My Depo Shot This Month. But I Still Have Days When I Feel Like I'm Pregnant, But Anyway I've Noticed A Moisture So I Checked It Out And It Was A Discharge. At First I Thought It Was Normal But As Time Went On I've Started To Think That There's Something Wrong With Me... I'm Embarrassed To Say That My Boyfriend Smelled It One Day And I Fnt Know What To Do... It's White On My Underwear But It Comes Out Clear... It Smells REALLY Bad & I Need To Know How To Get It To Go Away .
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replied May 28th, 2012
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I am sorry to hear about your miscarriage.

Make sure you did not leave a tampon behind in your vagina. Don't laugh, it happens. So feel every bit of the vaginal walls with your finger, including right at the top around your cervix to make sure you are 'clean'

A bad smell is normally a sign of an infection. So it is best to see your doctor to have it diagnosed and treated. Did your doctor test you for a bacterial infection after the miscarriage?

Best of luck!
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replied May 29th, 2012
No, She Did Not... I'm Going To Make An Appointment To Get This Checked Out .
Thanks For Your Help .
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