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Clear liquid discharge

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Ok well im 16yrs old.. ive beening having my period since i was 11yrs.old.. Just recently ive been having this clear watery liqud that has a odor that comes out of my vagina it is a everyday thing.. and when it drys in my underwear its like a yellowish white in color... I have my period on time each month.. so what is going on with me??? An I know its not a yeast infection cuz ive had them before an i have none of the semptoms of a yeast infection..
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First Helper brekay

replied October 10th, 2009
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All three common infections (bacterial vaginosis, yeast and trichomoniasis) have white/gray/yellow/green secretions and both the yeast and bv can smell fishy and foul. From your description, it does not sound like an infection.

Your fertile cervical mucus looks like what you describe. It is also stretchy between your fingers. It is often called egg-white mucus because it can look and act like raw egg white. It will only be present for a few days each cycle during ovulation.

It is caused by your hormones and the change means that the cervix is becoming sperm friendly and will allow sperm inside your uterus to fertilize the egg released during ovulation. Your cervix will also feel soft if you touch it and it drops lower in your vagina.
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