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clear images with eyes closed

Hello people of ehealth forum

This is kind of a last resort before going to a real doctor. I'll try to explain as thorough as possible.
It first started about 2-3 years ago. When I was falling asleep I could see real clear images in front of my eyes, these were so clear I could not tell the difference if my eyes were open or not. When I then accidentally opened my eyes I was really startled because I already thought they were open. I thought this was because I was between awake and dream and everybody had these, but things have changed. Now sometimes when I close my eyes in the day I can see memories and things I think about very clearly in a visual way, they really are in front of my eyes, but then I doubt myself if my eyes are open or not and when I then open them I get startled again (I don't know another word for startled because english is not my native language, but it is very intense, my heartrate increases really fast and I get alot of adrenaline). These changes have been occuring only recently (last 6 months) and have been increasing. They are starting to interfere with my abilities to drive a car and hold my concentration, so a real solution has to be found soon for me. I don't know if this could really be a serious issue or even if it is a mental issue or something on my visual cortex... I just hope someone here can give me some insight in this condition.

Maybe some usefull information:
- I have taken psycedelic drugs but always responsably and with a period of 6 months between them.
- I am 23 years old, the condition started about when I was 19 and has increased alot the last 6 months
- There is no history of mental illness in my family whatsoever
- My physical condition is excellent and do not feel more unhappy or anything
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First Helper PaddyNSW

replied August 9th, 2009
seeing images
I have a similar less vivid experience that I began to notice in young adulthood. I think what you are experiencing is a type of "lucid dreaming". There are other times when I see images: For instance, when I work in my garden, even for a little while now, I see plant images when I blink my eyes. I think it is really lovely. I also see fish afterwards when I go snorkeling. I can always tell that these things are real, but they are a delight to me and I suspect that this is some form of learning or learning style that I would have been encouraged to cultivate in a more primitive culture.
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replied November 10th, 2009
My opinion is that too many people are worried about this. It is a gift. Plain and simple. I too have had this all my life. My inner realm is especially alive with rapid moving imagery after a long creative session involving music or art. I am convinced that these visuals and visions are the fabric of our soul. This is the stuff of enlightenment. There is no need for concern or to "figure this out", it is well beyond what the rational mind could ever contain. Widen yourself out and use this experience to awaken into your self. Become the "ten thousand visions" of Buddha's enlightenment under the Bodhi tree of your soul.
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replied December 1st, 2019
So in your opinion these visions seen with eyes close are the truth being shown too for example me that see's them.
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replied December 2nd, 2019
I forgot to add in my 1st reply is that, I joined this forum because I am trying to find out if my visions with my eyes closed are they real?, the whole thing has become very overwhelming and not sure what to make of it. Is it God doing it or is it my imagination as I am trying to go to sleep at night.
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replied November 27th, 2009
I have also had this happen to me, it started when i was 16 and every time i closed my eyes it would go into what i can only describe as a black and white film. It was so clear that i could even tell if people had earrings in or not. I could not control where i looking and it did seem that i was looking through someone's eyes. This idea changed however when i built up the courage to try and ' see' what i was seeing. I found i was in a place where i wasn't welcome and although i could not hear what people were saying they were mouthing things to me and making gestures that mad e me feel i was somewhere i wasn't meant to be. I am 32 years old now and still see these things, it doesn't interfere with my life and this is the 1 of the first times i've been able to share my story. Thankyou
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replied April 6th, 2013
You just described it so perfectly. I never shared it with anyone in my life.
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replied March 3rd, 2010
I think I know of something that will help...
Hi!...I don't know If I will be much of help but I think I might have someone who could help you or maybe point you in the direction of your problem!...

One of my dear friends had a very similar condition to you after she experienced some trauma. She had blood clot travel to up to her brain, suffered from a stroke and was in a coma for a few months. Coming out of the coma she had experienced seeing memories or had vision while her eyes were closed. Pretty much the same to what you described is happening to you (with the eyes). My father, is a specialist in neurological development and has been working with my friend since December. Today, aside from being cured of other issues she faced...she no longer has the issue of seeing perfect images when her eyes are closed. She has good eyesight and its only getting better!!

I don't know if this is the help you are looking for! But I was just curiously browsing google and found your post and figured i'd share my knowledge with you. I've learned there is always a cure for something, especially seeing most of the people my dad works with.
Hopefully this is a help to you Smile
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replied December 1st, 2019
My life has been very tramatized, and I have had many mental breakdowns and trying to deal with grief. I have also been hit by a vehicle and in a coma for awhile, with head injuries and also being hit in the head many times. Maybe what I go thru is the result of all of that.
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replied April 18th, 2012
I have also experienced this recently and I love it. I'm an artist and I feel that in time I will be able to control and hold images better. I believe it is a skill and not primitive one. It has already help my drawing skill and I think it may have many other practical uses if you can learn to control it.
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replied April 18th, 2012
I have also experienced this recently and I love it. I'm an artist and I feel that in time I will be able to control and hold images better. I believe it is a skill and not primitive one. It has already help my drawing skill and I think it may have many other practical uses if you can learn to control it.
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replied June 23rd, 2012
I have been experiencing seeing visions while my eyes are closed and wide awake. I actually called to my daughter, the other night, to tell her it was happening. I see mostly images of people that I have never seen before and they fade in & out, very quickly for just a fraction of second for each vision. The other night the people appeared to be from the 1930's to 1940's. I was born in the 1950's. I see women, men & children. They are just flashes of people's faces. It doesn't scare me although I would like to know why this is happening, all of a sudden, for the past few months and almost every night these past few weeks. I do not take drugs or drink alcohol. It is just such a strange phenomenom and wondered if it was something wrong in my brain or is it some type of mental telepathy?
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replied June 23rd, 2012
Visions of people while eyes are closed & I am wide awake
I have been experiencing seeing visions while my eyes are closed and wide awake. I actually called to my daughter, the other night, to tell her it was happening. I see mostly images of people that I have never seen before and they fade in & out, very quickly for just a fraction of second for each vision. The other night the people appeared to be from the 1930's to 1940's. I was born in the 1950's. I see women, men & children. They are just flashes of people's faces. It doesn't scare me although I would like to know why this is happening, all of a sudden, for the past few months and almost every night these past few weeks. I do not take drugs or drink alcohol. It is just such a strange phenomenom and wondered if it was something wrong in my brain or is it some type of mental telepathy?
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replied December 20th, 2012
I believe that it truly is a gift. Although I have not experienced it for myself, I have been rigorously trying to train my brain to create these images when I close my eyes. This space, when controlled, can be used for extremely complex mathematical equations or to build structures that preform the exact same in your mental field or in physical reality. For more information on this gift I recommend you research Nikola Tesla. This was the man that invented radio and alternating current, he was a true genius of his time. He describes the same effect only more heightened, as he saw these images with his eyes open as well. Train yourself to take advantage of this space and you train yourself to be one with your unconscious mind.
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replied December 20th, 2012
I believe that it truly is a gift. Although I have not experienced it for myself, I have been rigorously trying to train my brain to create these images when I close my eyes. This space, when controlled, can be used for extremely complex mathematical equations or to build structures that preform the exact same in your mental field or in physical reality. For more information on this gift I recommend you research Nikola Tesla. This was the man that invented radio and alternating current, he was a true genius of his time. He describes the same effect only more heightened, as he saw these images with his eyes open as well. Train yourself to take advantage of this space and you train yourself to be one with your unconscious mind.
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replied August 23rd, 2013
remote viewing.
I see images when i close my eyes, they are as clear as if i was looking at a pictures. it started a few months ago, and the first image was of someone staring at me through a square hole in the wall, it was super creepy, and not from my imagination at all. next time I saw someone sitting face to face with me and I could see he was all red in his eyes, and I could see he was smoking a joint. he blew some smoke in my face and I had to open my eyes cause I was kind of freaked out by how close and real it was, I had never seen this person before and I was clearly there in front of him. the third time I asked to see my long lost cat, and I saw him for a brief second. but last night was the most creepy experience of them all. I could see a hand putting something in to a trashcan, the weird thing was that I was inside the trashcan, and the hand waited a second before dropping whatever he was holding into the trashcan. and when he tock his hand out, it was one of those self closing lids that flips down on the inside after removing your hand. I saw the lid closing "smack" in front of my face, I could even hear the sound. not only from the lid, but from the people outside the trashcan. and yes "I was wide awake.!!!." I know about remote viewing but is it really what I and seemingly a lot of others are experiencing.??? I want the CIA to explain this to me... Smile
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replied September 30th, 2013
I can see images video clips and create my own film by selecting a friend or someone I like or any person, they react only when you speak to them the first time and after that you can have a normal conversation the people you do not know is very friendly but the persons from work sounds exactly the same there behaviour and everything it's like you are at work, you can control every thing even the newly selective you can control to like you in any way. The video clips is awesome its like you watching a dvd. The only PROBLEM is I deal with this every night and can not sleep, as soon as I close my eyes there is a something, I can even just open it go to the loo and If I close my eyes again you go on again. I'm also not English but what is amazing the conversations you have with them in words I never knew and also the solution's in any aspect like maths ex. And I told them when I open my eyes the next morning they may be gone for ever or maybe one night when I go to bed they would be there again its very nice but I can not control when I see them again and every night its the same thing whether it's pictures or video clips, or be in control of every thing it's not good so I'm going to hospital for a check-up
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replied October 1st, 2013
seein things
hi guys
I started doing bible studies and deeply understanding the word of god since then I started seeing images of people when I close my eyes.
one time I saw an Egyptian princes I opened my eyes and I rebuked the spirits who are showing e these things since the it stopped.
but this morning I was listening to bible teaching and I closed my eyes I saw the devil dead.
so now I now that I am spiritually enlightened and I now how to stop you just have bind and rebuke in the name of yashua and cleans in the blood of yashua.
try it and see if it works out.
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replied October 9th, 2013
I Have just Joined site.
I have just sen Psych for 1st Time ever.
I have been seeing Images with eyes Closed at
all times of the Day / Night.
I see Faces that Morph from face ro another.
I see animals, Past and Present also Unknown.
I can see into Space.
I see Scrolls of an unknown Language.
I see events from way before I was Born, and more modern.
I am a son of a 7th Daughter of a 7th Daughter (Irish)
I am of sane mind as I have been explained, by my Psych.
Paddy 10.10.13
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replied December 13th, 2013
I was born in Sagimihara, Camp Zama, Japan in 1957 to two white American parents. Both 18 years old. Dad was a naval aircraft mechanic and mom was apparently allowed to be stationed with him due to being pregnant with me. I don’t know how or why this was allowed back then but it was. I lived in Japan with them for 4 years. During that time I had a young Japanese babysitter taking care of me quite often, carrying me on her back papoose style as done in that country at the time. I guess in 1961 my dad’s tour of duty ended and we traveled back to Jacksonville, Florida where we stayed with his parents until he got settled in a real good job working for Lockheed as an aircraft mechanic then improving his position as a mechanic with TWA. I won’t go into great detail about the circumstances of our lives except to say my parents separated around 1966. At this time I had two brothers, one was born in 1961 and the last one born in 1963. The youngest one had a Mexican father. I know it needs more explanation but I don’t want to write an autobiography right now..
I will mention that since 1986 I have been a huge Ayn Rand fan and have read her books over and over again for the last 26 years. I bought into her philosophy. I would call myself an atheist, godless, heartless, pragmatic, rational, with no kindness for the downtrodden. I have always felt that there was a higher power in the universe but I ignored those feelings and focused in my own ability to pull myself up on my own with no help from anyone. This all changed in March 2012.
The following text tries to convey my strange story but some things just cannot be put into words. I hope you enjoy it.

Browser Brain or Radio Head?
Chapter 1

It all started in March of 2012. I took the family to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada for spring break. We were staying in the basement apartment of my brother and sister in-law. We went on daily excursions. Victoria gardens, Richmond, Granville Island, the Stanley Park and Chinatown. Shopping, luncheons and to restaurants in the evenings. One day, went to a part of town where there were brass statues of Chinese Buddha-like men in laughing postures. There were at least a dozen of these sculptures. We took funny pictures with them. They were twice the size of normal people. It was fun. This is where my sister in-law and I were shot with some type of pellet containing a microscopic bead that entered our blood. We didn't know it then. It wasn't until a week later that I realized this. I noticed an unexplained scratch on my upper right arm. It was an inch long and thin. This is the entry point of the pellet. It was months later that I realized my sister in-law also received this pellet. She didn’t tell me, I just know it from my abilities that I will explain later. We left Canada and began driving down route 5 and just passed Seattle when my wife wanted to go to an Asian grocery store we had never been to before. I thought I had missed the exit and continued driving only to find that we arrived at the mall where the market was. I realize now that it was the incident with the pellet in Vancouver that directed me to the mall with the market.
I arrived back home and started work on repainting the wheels of the 1966 Beetle restoration project over the next week. I started the first wheel and was getting paint on the rubber section of the tire and had heard that you can put rubber cement on the rubber and then when the paint was dry the cement would just peel off and I would have a great paint job and clean rubber tires. The next thing I knew, it was 4 hours later. What had happened to me?
I closed my eyes and had visions of 3 dimensional objects describing a marketing plan of some company in Canada. Night after night I would use my mind as a web browser and get these sites in my head. At first I was thinking that it was some local cable TV program but the scenes on the screen began to trouble me. One day there were porn clips playing or pedophile clips and finally I was viewing what they call snuff films. Just short clips of them but enough to actually see women getting their throats cut ear to ear or getting skinned or having their breasts cut off. It was horrific. I was distraught but I was also intent to find out what was going on.
One night there was a black wall and a pinhole of light coming out of it and I could see people in office cubbies on computers. I heard one guy say there was a wormhole and some files were being leaked out into the real world. They finally closed that up and I no longer saw the 3 dimensional intro's to their marketing plans. 90 days into this would make it mid June and those visions stopped. An Angel appeared to me and told me he had been waiting for me for a long time. He had large wings on his back and over his head and to the sides. He burned an image into the carpet I use to stand on in my garage in front of the work bench. I saw it as plain as if it were painted on the carpet. It’s quite invisible now and I even used black light on it, fluorescent light etc., and still cannot see the image but it is there like the shroud of Turin.
The Angel spoke to me.
“I’ve been waiting a long time for you, you’re one of my favorites.” he said
He told me he represented GOD and in fact anything and everything he would say to me would be as if GOD were saying it. He said he comes to Earth often during certain times of the year and if I called on him from my heart he would quickly fly through space from a star cluster and arrive within the hour. Of course, I was shocked to be having this conversation at all. I am NOT religious at all and yet I felt the hardened heart in my chest soften and all the built up pain and anguish I’ve stored inside dissolve. I began to ask questions through my thoughts NOT vocally and I got immediate answers and I mean instant answers as soon as my thought finished.
Will I have a long life? Yes
Will my wife and children have healthy and long lives? Yes
Will I have any big problems in the future? No.
Will the world end as some have predicted? No.
Are you GOD? Yes.
Am I going crazy? No.
Will I have any car problems? Hit and Miss.
Will I get rich? You are rich.
These questions went on for two or three hours and finally he told me he had to go but would be back soon.
I called on him one night just to see if he would come and I saw in my minds eye a group of stars and there he flew right through space and right to me. I listened as he explained so many things that were just concepts and thoughts that cannot be put into words but gave me an intense feeling of peace. Something I’ve never experienced before. I continued speaking with the angel, he told me that I now had powers, I call them Super Powers. I asked him what they were and this is what he said.
"Pin drop."
Suddenly, a sewing pin fell off my work bench, the one I had used in sewing seat covers on the beetle. I heard it hit the floor.
"Night sight."
I walked outside and looked around and saw what looked like heat waves in the surrounding darkness, I could see invisible waves.
"Tipping and attraction."
I concentrated on a can of house paint and the can began to bulge out as if it's mass were pulling to one side.
I now had a heads up display in my mind showing power levels and other green lights indicating other controls. I asked for a users manual and was directed to a nerdy scientist ranting that he forgot to upload the manual? He began searching through piles of papers in his wreck of an office and could not locate the manual. I have been left to discover how to use these powers myself.
I continued to use my brain as a web browser.

Chapter 2

I am jumping ahead of my story due to some exciting news over the last few days. I am NOT remote viewing from their browser or using my technique as if it were a browser at all. I am actually using one or more of their cameras that they use to watch various computer monitors. Their cameras ARE my eyes. Somehow I have tapped into their network and I am scaring the crap out of them.

They are a bunch of young hackers living in what seems like a loft with many desks and about 6 computers and various other pieces of electronic devices including sniffers and GPS tracking gear. They are trying to shut me down by throwing worms and viruses at me to no avail. They are mystified as to why they can’t prevent me from invading their space.

I do this every night around 2 am PST. The other night they were waiting for me, to show me a band of hip hoppers as if I were some record executive. I told them I couldn’t hear anything and the group of blacks stormed out the door and came back and shot all of the white guys who had minutes earlier been smoking pot and playing acoustic guitars just before the hip hop group arrived.

I was then shown what looked like a setup of bikers outside in a rustic cowboy town dragging what seemed to be some of the dead bodies of the victims of snuff films on a sled across the dusty street. They were all acting like they were in a low budget movie and it was all an act to get me to forget about them and for me to conclude that all I had seen before was just a joke or a movie. I know what I had seen before was real and I will not be conned.

Last night I made the discovery that I was looking at them through their own camera system. Two of the hackers started greeting me and a girl wearing yellow jogging suit with a visible camel toe and wearing sunglasses sat in a chair while here boyfriend tried to hack away at me and they were all getting frustrated that they could not remove me. Of course all the while I was telling them with my thoughts that they could never get rid of me and that I would come back and haunt them everyday. They were panicking and one guy finally rotated the monitor so the camera was looking at the back of it and I could no longer see the website. That’s when I realized that I was seeing out of their own cameras. Still my thoughts continued to be typed out on their screen because they were still responding to my thoughts as if we were having a conversation.

They were getting so fascinated and shocked at this that they removed the cardboard that they were blocking the camera with and stared at me through the camera and then they took another camera and focused it on the one I was seeing out of so I was supposedly looking at myself but that did nothing to kick me out either.

I really have them on the defense now and I will continue to haunt them about the killings and the child pornography.

Every night when I get home from work I start to do this meditation. It lasts from 1 to 4 hours and feels as if time has stood still. I started to think I was going insane. When I was having my roof replaced in July 2012 I had a vision that there was a leaking spot in the garage and that the roofers didn’t do the job right. One night when the flat roof was being removed I went up there and sprayed for carpenter ants in all the exposed areas where we had ants in the past. I knew that when the roof was finally finished in that area the carpenter ant problem would never occure again. Well there was a problem with the contractor. The job was to take 5 days, it ended up taking about 21 days from start to finish due to errors created by a project manager who spent more time at his daughter’s softball games instead of managing the project. There were no leaks in reality with the roof. I have a 400 square foot deck roof that I was going to change from sheet metal to shingles and asked the salesman for the roofing company if he could get me some of the matching shingles and I would be happy to pay whatever it costs. I told him I was getting ready to buy shingles at Home Depot. After all the problems with the delay in getting the roof done he said he would get me what I needed at their cost. These shingles can not be bought locally and are only sold to contractors and I told him that it would be great if he could get them for me. He left with the finalized paper works and called me from the office 30 minutes later telling me that he was having 500 square feet of shingles delivered in three days for free. Free shingles and free delivery. He kept his word and I finished the deck roof within the next 2 weeks.

My wife wanted to paint the house and I got some estimates ranging from $3-$7 thousand for the entire house. I decided to do it myself for around $300 in supplies and my free labor. I started the job in August. It took me 2 months to finish. During this time I had visions of people standing in front of sections of my house and messing up my paint job with spray paint. Often I would walk around the house looking for these things and never saw anything in reality as we see it in everyday life. I also had visions of naked men and women having sex and pouring the exact same desert sand paint all over their bodies.

One vision I had was this father and his family having dinner. He had a young couple over for dinner. He proceeded to put food on his crotch and his young daughter of maybe 5 or 6 eat her dinner off his lap. The visiting couple saw this and were too afraid to say anything. I realized that this guy had to go. He was the brains behind a child porn ring based in NYC. He got into an elevator. I could see him through the video camera mounted inside the elevator in a high rise. Suddenly, jets of water began spraying him at super high pressure, enough to penetrate and inflate his face, his chest and finally kill him. I thought I was doing it and felt strange when all of a sudden this 4 foot tall silver cockroach looking insect walked out of the elevator and I followed him down the hall and it was a hall in a home and he went into the kid’s bedroom. There was a young girl in one twin sized bed and in the other bed the covers were pulled back and the cockroach went to that bed and laid down in it and as he was pulling the covers up he transformed into a little boy. Of course. Makes sense to me.

Chapter 3

More visions continued. I will go through them here. I still had no idea of what was happening to me. I thought I may have brain cancer, brain tumor or was losing my mind. I contemplated having myself admitted into a mental hospital. My life was NOT spinning out of control though. I was not deteriorating at all. In fact, I was improving. I lost 20 pounds. I was down from a bloated 195 lbs. to my normal 175 lbs. I stopped eating ice cream every night as I had done for the last 4 years. I was actually getting less sleep and feeling better than I ever felt in my life, emotionally, physically and mentally.

Many of my visions concerned working at the Post Office and the people I work with. For example, Kim was working in a flower shop as a cashier. A woman comes in and knocks over a planter and water spills onto the floor. Kim tells her that it’s alright, happens all the time and that she’ll clean it up. The woman leaves. I also saw Kim making love to a guy and a man walks in on them and starts yelling at her. I felt she was caught cheating on her husband. I also saw her at a bus stop, she never got a driver’s license and takes the bus and Max everywhere. This vision had her at a bus stop wearing a Halloween mask to keep anyone from molesting her. Another time at the bus stop she was seated as a man put his hand down her top and felt her breasts. She allowed it as if she knew him. I saw her another time having sex with another woman. I saw her another time at work getting tangled up in some plastic wrap as a stack of empty pallets topped over her and almost crushed her. Another time she was at a new facility controlling a lifter and moving containers of mail to be processed.

I saw another woman, Joy, standing on the back porch of her house in a nightly as her husband pulled up and parked the car, it was nigh time. Another time I saw her pulling weeds in her back yard and her husband came over to help her and they tumbled into the garden and he told her he wanted to make love to her, She said someone might see. He told her that the fence would give them privacy and they made love. I saw her speaking to Kim at one of the processing machines. They were talking about me and my third eye and that they believed me. I had by that time confronted them with my visions and in reality they told me I was crazy and that nothing I had told them was true. In my visions they believed me but in reality they told me that these things have never happened to them.

Another woman, Flower Tran was in an Asian market and she was about to enter the checkout line when she accidentally knocked over a carton of 18 eggs. I saw her scoop them all up into a plastic grocery bag and told the cashier that she would pay for them. She did and as she was leaving the store two of the cashiers looked at each other and one of them said, “She’s a crazy b...h.” Another time I saw her and we were talking about out pets. She has a small dog and I have a rather large cat. I said, hey, lets let our pets race to the moon. Suddenly, we were in a casino and people were placing bets on either of us. An usher pulled a velvet rope out to block the entrance and called out “no more bets.” We were each holding our pets and they took off to the moon. First her dog was winning then my cat passed the dog and then the dog caught up and finally they were neck and neck but the moon was to far away for us to see which pet won. When the pets returned everyone was clapping and cheering and saying what a wonderfully fun time they had. They rewarded each of us as winners and the Gods said it was a wonderful contest, and thanked me for inventing such a game.

Another time my sister in law was leaving Portland by train to Vancouver, BC. This was NOT a vision but real. My wife, her brother and I were seeing her off at the station and she was saying her good byes. She hugged me and I felt her wrap her leg around mine and her mouth was next to my ear and I heard her say “I wish it were you”, but the kicker is that she did not say it with her voice. I was reading her mind.

Remember earlier when I was asking the Angels or God if I would have any car troubles and he responded by saying “Hit or Miss”. ? Well, around October 2012, my check engine light kept coming on. This also corresponded to my 2 Brother in laws coming to visit us for 2 weeks. I had a vision that they took parts of my engine apart and took photos of them holding the manifold etc. as a practical joke and they would put the engine back together and then present me with the photos as a funny joke. Well when I started to have car troubles I had that vision and that they could not show me the photos because I might blame them for the car trouble. In reality, the check engine light was throwing codes at me. I finally bought a code reader that I could reset the light with. I followed the codes and replaced different components but the light would come back on with still another code. Finally, I took it to Wally and Son and they found that the computer was bad and was making the cylinders MISS. I was driving on 4 cylinders because the computer was not sending information to the coil packs. I could have replaced the coil packs at $80 each and would have still had the problem. I had to buy a new CPU and have not had a problem since.

These next visions all occurred within days of each other. The first one took me to the bedroom of a 12 year old girl. Her parents asked me if I could help their daughter. They said she had been in a coma for long time and they had her on feeding tubes. I sent my mind into hers. She was under water. I swam down to her and she was just floating down there in the deep blue water. I grabbed her and hugged her, she wrapped her little arms around me and I told her that her parents loved her and wanted her to come back to them. I looked up and saw light above us and swam up with her. The next thing I knew is that she sat up in the bed and called for her mother. The mother came over to her and hugged her. She had come out of the coma and was perfectly fine now. The father wanted to pay me a huge sum of money for my help because they were a very wealthy family. I told him no thanks, that I did not want or need his money.
A couple of days later someone came to me and asked me to help their daughter. I said I could try. I went to their house and in the bedroom was another young girl about 13 or 14. She was autistic. She would not speak at all but she could feed herself and dress herself etc. I again sent my mind into hers. This time we were in a dark closet and she was sitting in a corner with her knees up to her chin with her arms wrapped around her legs. I reached out to her and cradled her in my arms. I told her that her parents loved her and were wanting her to speak and be well. I picked her up and walked out of the closet. Next thing I see is her walking to her parents, calling to them and talking to them. She had been cured. Her father wanted to give me some money but I told him to give it to a charity or something.
The next night I was told that I did a wonderful thing with those two girls and there was another girl that needed help. She was 15 or 16. They told me all she was interested in was flowers. She would not leave her room. She drew flowers, cut out paper flowers, painted flowers, everything was flowers, she had no interest in anything else. No friends, no school no TV, computers nothing but flowers. I sent my mind into hers. This was different though because it was bone white inside. There was nothing there, nobody home. I repeated over and over in this white space that flowers are nice but your parents love and want you to come to them. There was no response at all. There was just no one at home inside. It was an empty shell. I came out and told her parents that there was nothing I could do and that I was sorry.
A few days later I was shown some parents dressing their two small children in the morning. One boy and one girl. They were about 5 years old and appeared to be twins but not identical. They had their breakfast and the mom put their little backpacks on them and the children were praying and saying goodbye to the parents as if they were never coming back. I had the impression that I was to take them with me and that I would be raising them. It was odd because the house was big and nice and very nice inside and the parents and kids were well dressed and well off. I thought “why in the world do they want to get rid of their children?” I couldn’t understand it but I said, okay, I’ll take them home with me and raise them with my own kids. My wife will be freaked out but so what, I have to do it. The mother opened the front door and it was early morning and the kids gave one last hug to their parents. They waved at the neighbor who was getting the morning paper at the curb near the mailbox. The kids started walking down the three steps hand in hand down the walk to the street. I was just about to reach for their hands when a school bus pulled up. The kids turned to the house, waved goodbye to their parents and boarded the school bus for kindergarten. I was in shock and bewildered. Suddenly, I was back home and the voice told me. “You’re just the one we were looking for, you were willing to take 2 stranger’s children into you heart and home. You were 100% ready to take those children, from the bottom of your heart. You are exactly the person we need.
Next night I saw a man and woman driving at night in the rain, the car went out of control and they skidded across the road rolled over and hit a bridge pylon totalling the car and throwing the two of them through the windshield and out like limp dolls onto the wet pavement. I started praying that they would not die and would be ok. The ambulance arrived and took them to the hospital. They were going to make it. The voice came to me again and said. “That confirms it, you prayed for total strangers, you prayed...they lived, you passed the tests.”

Chapter 4 Buddhism

All of the visions occurred when I sit in a chair in the garage with my head down and I look up about an inch up with my eyes closed and breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth. I never go unconscious at all. I can open my eyes at any time, get up and walk into the house, watch TV or whatever and then go back and start the trance again. All these visions excited me now that I was helping some people. I did a google search on healing and reading minds and came up with something very interesting called Kundalani Awakening. I kept reading more and more about it and discovered that maybe this was what was happening to me. It’s based on Buddhist teachings, over 5 thousand year old techniques. It involves chakras or energy centers in the body. The first one is between the anus and the scrotum and called mooladhara, the next one is the tailbone called swadhistana, the third is at the spine opposite the belly button, the forth is opposite the indentation in the breast bone just below the heart and at the spine, the fifth is opposite the indentation at the throat at the spine and called vishuddi, the sixth is called ajna and is an inch above the eyes in the center of the forehead and I can feel the pressure there and see the blue spark there, it’s also called the third eye and is associated with visions, healings, etc. The one at the top back of the head is called bindu and secretes a nectar that flows down through the back of the throat and is responsible for healing the body and counteracting poison. The last one is on top of the head and called sahasrara and is connected with astral travel, levitation, going into other’s bodies etc. I learned about these things only after experiencing what I have written so far. Now this all went on from March 2012 to October 2012. Now I realized I was somehow putting myself into meditation and i had never meditated in my life. Never read about meditation never studied Buddhism etc.
I began to study Buddhism at this point and learned to call on the Buddha by saying with my mind “Amitabha Buddha” over and over. It means welcome Buddha and is how one calls on the Buddha. I began to call on the Buddha. The next few visions took me into the court of Chinese decorated room and a bearded Chinese man with red Chinese royal garb sitting in an ornate throne like chair appeared to me. He pointed to his right which was my left. I looked to see black skeletons, hundreds or thousands of them and they were gathered around one who had a gold glowing key. They were fighting for the key and trying to take it for themselves. The Buddha (not the fat happy one we see in statues), this one was slim and fit and around 50 or 60 years old with fraying hair and beard that came to a type of point. He raised his hand and the gold key started floating through the air and I thought it was going to go into his hands but it came directly to me and I held it. It was looking like an old style house key only larger like a key that might unlock one of those big chests filled with gold and gems. I was holding the key and the Buddha told me that I now had the key of life and it was to be mine. His chair withdrew backwards and a heavy red curtain fell down as he left the staging area.
The next night I called on the Buddha again and again appeared but this time his chair was resting on what looked like a big dog with a wide back and legs at all for corners of the chair he was ivory colored, the animal was carrying the Buddha from the back of the stage to it’s proper position and then the dog laid down and he said “whew, that is heavy” and a big grin cut a smile on his face as he could now rest while the Buddha entertained me. This time he pointed behind him and another curtain opened up and there was Jesus being crucified on the cross. Very realistic as if it were from the actual crucifixion. Buddha never speaks vocally, it’s through the mind as well as how I communicate all throughout these meditations. It’s all mental. He says that Jesus and Buddha are the same. That they have the same message. That they are of the same God. That Buddhism is just as equal to Christianity. That was the lesson for the day.

I spoke to a friend of mine at work about all this and he told me about a book called “Many Lives, Many Masters”, I read it and it’s almost exactly what I experienced. Past lives, history of the universe etc. Next few visions are really a history lesson. There’s a group of misfits being run out of town in some place in India. They are dwarfs, odd people, tall people, almost like a group of gypsy's and are walking down the dirt road between old buildings where people are throwing trash, rotten food etc. down at them. People are yelling at them to go and get out, there are old wooden carts with all their belongings in them. It looks to be ancient India. There is one woman, I want to call her Basheba but I don’t know for sure. She slips into something like a state coach parked on the side as the travelers are being pelted. I realize that she is being a comfort woman for the weary men. They go into her coach and have sex with her. She is supposed to be known as a passionate and good person helping fellow man. She is to be admired by all because God accepts her actions as a good thing that she has done for those that are being persecuted.

The next vision was a room full of research scientists studying the origin of mankind. Suddenly there appeared before them a tall human shaped silver bright white light. I am standing behind this shape watching the reactions of the 10 researchers. The front of the form opens up like a door from a spaceship with the hinges on the bottom and forms a ramp that angles down to the floor of the lab. then a huge gray mass of what looks like clay is dropped in front of the researchers. The whole scene seems to be like a hologram. The massive lump of gray clay starts to move and undulate, changing shape. I suddenly recognize a bunch of human body shapes forming in the clay with no faces or details at first and then they start to become alive with features, they are about 50 of them and slowly separating into individuals and each a unique person of different nationalities. The lesson is that this is where unapproved advertising came from. Not exactly like the Bible story in Genesis but this is what really happened. The people split up into pairs of two, one man and one woman and go to all points of the world. This is how mankind really was created. Two go to Eden, two go to Africa, India, South America, North America etc. That is how the world became populated.

The next history lesson was of Moses. The vision was this. A great exodus was leaving Egypt like the stories we all have learned about Moses and bringing his people out of slavery. But the kicker is that Moses did not part the Red sea. This is what really happened. Thousands were fleeing the Egyptian army by donkey, oxcart etc, a long line of them being chased by the army of chariots. These people had wild animals like lions, camels, tigers, elephants in cages on top of their carts, like a traveling zoo. But there were families with all their belongings piled high also, thousands of them and Moses was high on the side of the mountain overlooking the caravan. The people were scared. Moses reached out his arm and pointed toward the land mass between the caravan and the army, a massive lightening bolt or laser beam shot out from his hand and cut a huge giant mile wide canyon into the earth’s crust a mile or more deep and waves of hot lava and magma gushed out in red waves turning the army into cinders and creating a great gulf separating Egypt from the other lands. The crowds were joyous and yelling and clapping their hands and bowing down to Moses and praising him. Even the tigers and lions in their cages were smiling, even the donkey put into the cage for the tigers to eat was happy and smiling as the tigers tore at his flesh and ate him. The people all gave thanks and clapped in turn as they passed Moses. Moses just stood there watching them make their way to safety.
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