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Clear egg white-like discharge

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Ok I am a 34 yearold single mother of a 5 yrarold. I have been getting a clear egg white like disscharge usually about 3 weeks befor I start my period you can set your clock by my cycle. first I get the discharge then I get iratable and hungry than my boobs get sore than usually a week or to later I start my period.Well I caught somthing on tv about the discharge and that it is normal and it happens when you ovulate and it is good to know. My question is I get alot of it it is like snot and a little wierd. I haven't had a boyfriend or had sex in 3 years and I was wondering why there were so much of it and wat if I go to have sex it will be a little embaressing and hard to explain is there anything you can tell me that can shed light on this subject please.And it doesnt smell or anything like that it is just alot of disscharge. Thank you christy johnson.
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replied August 11th, 2009
It sounds like your just ovulating and thats natural. We all have this when we ovulate so there is no reason to get embarressed about it. If you are really concern about it you could have it checked by your physician. Also make sure you are having your yearly exams even if your not having sex.
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