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Cleansing Diet - An Effective Weight Loss Program

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Cleansing Diet - An Effective Weight Loss Program
Have you been trying to find ways on how to lose weight? Losing weight takes a lot of determination and discipline. I've been there and done that and no diet has ever been effective as the Cleansing Diet.
This is a weight loss program that was developed with a grant by US Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration. This was tested at the John Hopkins research center.
This program aims to:
* Target weight loss of 10 to 17 lbs a week
* Improve one’s emotion and attitude due to its cleansing effects
* Flush out your toxins and provide you with a feeling of well being
* Eat as much as you want without feeling guilty
* Improve disposition and provide energy in the long run
Day one will consist of all fruits except banana. It is highly recommended that you consume watermelon or cantaloupe on your first day. The chance of losing 3 pounds on the first day is good if you limit your consumption with watermelon or cantaloupe. Your body is being prepared for the upcoming program. There is no limit on the amount of fruits to be consumed.
You would need to eat a large baked potato for breakfast for complex carbohydrates. This will provide you energy. After this, you can consume unlimited amount of raw and cooked vegetable (any type of vegetable). This will provide you with the necessary fiber and nutrients at low calories.
You may consume any fruits and vegetables and still in unlimited quantity. Still, there are no bananas and potatoes for today. Day 3 doesn't include potatoes because you can get carbohydrates from the fruits. Your body is now being prepared to start burning excess pounds. Your cravings will diminish by the start of Day 4.
You may eat as many as 8 bananas and drink 3 glasses of milk. You may be surprised because Day 4 will just pass by like a breeze. You will easily feel full with the bananas and milk you have consumed. Bananas will provide you with the potassium and calcium that you have missed the past 3 days. You will lose your desire for sweets during Day 4.
You will eat 2 oz. of lean beef. Hamburger is acceptable. Eat this together with 6 whole tomatoes. You would need to increase your water intake so you can cleanse out the uric acid that your body will be producing today. Beef is for protein and iron while the tomatoes are for fiber and proper digestion. Your maximum beef intake is equivalent to five-quarter pounder. You do not need to eat all these beef today but you need to take all the six tomatoes.
Today you can eat unlimited quantity of beef and vegetables. Beef is for iron and vegetables are for fiber. Your body is now at its ultimate weight loss inclination. Other people should be able to notice some difference in you today as compared to Day 1.
On the 7th day, you can eat brown rice and vegetables with fruit juice.

After seven days, you will be 10 to 17 pounds lighter. You can repeat the program but it is highly recommended that you take 3 days break before starting the program again.
If you repeat the program, you may take fish instead of beef on Days 5 and 6. You may repeat the program more than twice.
After seven days, you are not allowed to take any alcoholic beverages except for beer (which is acceptable). Any liquor, gin, vodka, rum etc. are not allowed.
Beverages allowed during the program:
* Water (plain or can be mixed with lemon)
* Black coffee. No creamer. No sugar and sweetener.
* Black tea (Herb or leaf)
* Nothing else except fruit juices which is part of Day 7. Fruit Juices are only allowed on Day 7.
Do not think of this program as difficult to complete. Determination is the key.
Good luck and enjoy your journey towards good health and great body.
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replied July 17th, 2015
Extremely eHealthy
I would ask your doctor about this program.
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