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cleaning a newborn's vagina

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hi all im a new father my daughter was born on the 13th of sept and my wife had a few questions.... she had her c-section and we were wondering she had this white stuff around the babies vagina how do we clean that up or do we?? i would thank and comments that come our way thank you

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replied September 23rd, 2009
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There maybe be a "cheesy" substance from being inside her mother. Change a diaper how you normally could, but do not pull the labia back and clean inside. Never clean her vagina. It is self-cleansing. She will probably have some vaginal discharge from the elevated hormone levels she got from her mother. If she has a soiled diaper, just make sure you get all the soil by wiping as many times as necessary. It really is more simple and less scary than it sounds.

Contrary to what many books and sites may say, cotton balls and water aren't needed. Baby wipes are just fine, or if you are still worried, you can get those made just for newborns or for sensitive skin.

Always wipe from front to back with girls.

I hope this helps.
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replied January 2nd, 2012
My new born baby vagina turn from pink to brown is that ok?
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