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Clavicle and shoulder pain?

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For 2 days now, my right clavicle bone has been in absolute agony. When it first happened, I was sat on a horse, whom unexpectedly pulled me forward several times, and I landed on her neck with outstretched arms. Immediately I felt extremely dizzy - stumbling all over the place, and had difficulty standing upright, and feeling sick to my stomach. Then around 10 minutes later the pain hit pretty hard.

My right clavicle felt like it was burning and was hot to the touch. Yet, when pressure was applied to the actual bone, even lightly, the pain worsened. It felt unusual in comparison to the left clavicle. The right clavicle was projecting outwards more, and was swollen, and the surrounding area was extremely tender.

Now, 2 days later, it hasn't got any better. Now, every movement my right clavicle either clicks or makes a crackling sound, and sometimes when it doesn't click, I can feel a sort of grinding sensation. It is projecting more towards the sternum and the central area, where it still absolutely hurts to touch and is still swollen. I can just about lift my right arm half way holding a 2l bottle, where then it shakes intensely, whereas my left I can raise above my head no problem at all.After lifting something, my right shoulder and clavicle ache really badly, as if I have worked them quite drastically. If I hold my right arm too long, I have sharp shooting pains in what feels like the actual bone, which radiates up the right side of my neck and the back of my right shoulder.

Last night, I started getting pain down my right shoulder and arm, which sometimes, was also followed by a tingling sensation.. Any weight or pressure applied to my right arm, I soon know about in my clavicle... It's absolute agony. It still feels much hotter than the left clavicle too.. Also when it clicks, If I place my hand on where the clavicle is projecting outwards, you can clearly feel bone movement when it clicks.. like feels as if there's some sort of separation of something pushing together that makes the sound..

I found that my right shoulder has also become much lower than the left, and certainly the curve my left shoulder has from my neck, my right hasn't got, but rather goes slightly outward. I have found myself especially last night, that I was holding my arm close to my stomach, it seemed to control the pain slightly.. Also I did brisk movements with my right arm stupidly yesterday, and ended up keeling over, holding it in agony..

Any ideas of what it could be?

Is there any way to reduce such pain? ://

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replied March 2nd, 2011
Especially eHealthy
Wow. Sorry that happened to you. You had a long post to go through, but, I get the impression that it's the sternoclavicular joint that is bothering you. Though this is a very strong joint (and also has a cartilage disc in between the two bones), it can be injured just like any other joint. If the clavicle moves anteriorly (like it sounds in your case), it is painful, but not in danger of interfering with the structures of the mediastinum. If your symptoms don't resolve, you may need to see an orthopedic surgeon. Good luck.
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replied March 2nd, 2011
Thanks. I eventually found out a few weeks ago, forgot to post the results. Found out that I fractured my right clavicle bone, near the central, and stretched and sprained the ligaments in my right shoulder.

It's pretty tough going still with it, but I guess I'll just have to go on with things, aye?
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