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classic gallbladder symptoms. ?

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So ever since i got pregnant with my daughter i have had upper right quadrant pain..also pain in my back. Ultrasounds and every other test came back normal. My doctor kept telling me i was having muscle spasms in my back because when i lay flat on my back it hurts so bad. I am 27 years old, never had issues like this before. I dont have pain all the time, but its becoming worse every day it seems. My endoscopy was normal. I went for hida scan. My upper GI says my test started out slow at 47% but then slowly crawled up to 85%. Everyone says i have classic gallbladder symptoms. Monday im scheduled for surgery, my general surgeon who i was referred to says i have biliary dyskinesia. I am scared because i just dont want to get surgery for no reason, but i am in pain!! Im nervous im going to be sick all the time....even though i dont get sick now i just have pain. Some days the pain is so severe, and i think im going crazy because my GI says all my tests are normal. Has anyone had this problem , and had the surgery and there symptoms have improved?
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replied March 20th, 2012
I am in the same boat and have been for 3 years. My first HIDA scan was 15% ejection fraction, most recent was 37%, Surgeon refuses to take it out saying that It will do more harm than good considering I don't have gallstones and all other tests are normal. So I still have mine :/ My view on it is...don't rush to surgery until you are absolutely sure that its your gallbladder, many other benign conditions can mimic gall bladder disease. and taking out a functional gallbladder will leave you with a lot more un wanted issues like "dumping syndrome" which is pretty much constant diarrhea, and you may also still have pain even after the gallbladder is out.
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