hi there i have recently been taking citalopram and im really getting some horrible side affects.... pain under my shoulder blade felling like im not breathing properly feeling shakey pins and needles in my legs and head keeps going tight is this normal... also is it normal to be feeling pain everywhere when your suffering from depression and anxiety?
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replied September 21st, 2010
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Hi cls24,

Unfortunately, citalopram does have some serious side effects. In time they should subside or go away, not with everyone though. You can speak to your doctor about reducing the dosage or switching to another medicine or getting off it altogether. Depressiona doesen't usually cause pain...maybe a headache but not usually all over. Anixiety can cause your blood pressure to rise which can cause pain. However, I would suggest you try the non medication approach to your depression and anixiety. Go do something for someone less fortunate than you, volunteer in a homeless or battered women shelter. Volunteer at your local hospital. Take the focus off your life and place it where it will do the most amount of good. Help build a home by signing up the the Habitate Foundation. Read a good autobiograph, start a jounal of your own life, startng with the happiest childhood memories up to now, what lessons have you learned and can share with others. There are those who need what you have learned in life, share it. You will be amazed how healing that is.

Good Luck,

Faded Rose
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