My bro was diagnosed to have a cirrhosis of the hip, he is 21 years old now,the doctor said it may be caused of an accident during childhood which was neglected,and that caused his legs to be uneven. Now he is advised to have an operation. I would like to know why would he undergo operation and what if he would not do the operation what will happen to him.
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replied August 21st, 2011
Especially eHealthy

Do you mean he has sclerosis of the hip? Cirrhosis is a disease that affects the liver. Sclerosis is one of the components of degenerative changes within a joint.

Orthopedic surgery is usually considered to elective. So, no one should feel forced to have surgery.

You do not mention what his symptoms are, pain, limp, decreased range of motion, etc. The aim of most surgery in to alleviate a patient's symptoms or at least reduce them.

In most of the degenerative processes about the joints, whether caused by trauma or aging, do not get better on their own. They may remain static for many years though. But, eventually, they usually do get worse.

So, it is up to your brother, depending upon how badly his symptoms affect his life, as to whether or not he wants to have surgery.

Good luck.
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