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Circumcision Risks

Circumcision Risks
What is circumcision?
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Every surgery carries some risk.  However, neonatal circumcision is generally a rapid and safe procedure when performed by an experienced physician. Circumcision may be more risky if done later in life, so parents should decide before or soon after their son is born if they want it done.

Complications of newborn circumcision are uncommon, occurring in between 0.2% to 3% of cases. Of these, the most frequent are minor bleeding and local infection, both of which can be easily treated by your doctor.  Complications that can occur during a circumcision are:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Injury to the penis or urethra
  • Scarring

Complications to circumcision recognized later that may include buried penis, metala stenosis, skin bridges, chordee and poor cosmetic appearance. Some of these complications might require surgical correction. Still, when performed on healthy newborn infants as an elective procedure, the incidence of serious complications during circumcision is extremely low.

Problems after circumcision are rare. Contact your doctor if:

  • Normal urination doesn't occur within six to eight hours after the circumcision
  • There's persistent bleeding or redness around the tip of the penis
  • There's foul-smelling drainage from the tip of the penis or crusted sores fill with fluid
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