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Circumcision in Germany or the US?

I´m a mom of 2 boys, one now is 12 years old, the other one is newborn.

I now live together with an American man who is also the father of the newborn. We discussed the circ topic and my littlw boy will get circumcised.

My querstions are:

1. Is it better to have it done in Germany or next time we are in the US?
2. Is it a good idea to have my older son also cut?
3. Which method is ok? Free-hand or with a clamp?

So many questions
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replied September 3rd, 2010
Although circumcision is a fairly simple procedure, US doctors may have more experience. A doctor can answer in regards to the method to be used. You may want to also check on the services of a local Mohel (performs Jewish circumcisions) as they are usually very experienced & sometimes will perform even if you are not a Jewish family. Recommended to check on references for Drs & Mohels before scheduling the circumcision.

Personally, I would let a 12 year old decide for himself if you think he is capable. Give him the benefits & risks and ask if he would be interested. Due to his age I would recommend a Doctor instead of a Mohel (general anesthesia & aftercare pain meds may be needed).
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