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Circumcision 'bruise' on tip of penis

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Hi, I was circumcised 6 days ago, due to phimosis (haven't been able to retract foreskin ever). The procedure went very well. The night time erections are pretty painful, but I have noticed a few other things. Is it normal for the glans to be be 'flaking'?

Also, I have a discoloration at the tip of the glans. It is slightly more sensitive/itchy than the rest of the glan. Since the operation, I have never been able to thoroughly clean under my foreskin and I'm worried that the discolouration may be cancerous. I have noticed that the tip of the penis was more sensitive than the rest even before my operation. I have googled it- and my symptoms match. I'm going to book myself into a urologist on Monday. Is there any other explanation for this change in colour anyone can think of? Is it a result from the cirumcision?

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