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circles around light sources

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I'm seeing several circles (lines) around every (bright) light source. The amount of circles varies depending on the distance to the light. The further away the light is, the more circles I see. It's similar to a halo effect I think, but I'm not seeing cloudy, it's not like the light is in a mist. I only have this with my right eye, the left eye is fine.
When I slightly close the right eye, the circles disappear, when I open or relax my eye again, the circles re-appear.
I know this sounds probably silly, but I'm a bit worried.

Any thoughts?..

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replied April 13th, 2011
I experienced th exact same thing while driving tonight I suddenly saw many distinct circles around all the different lights each light had 8 to 10 circles around it from small to large It was very hard to focus on anything other than the circles When I closed my left eye my vision was normal but both eyes open all I saw was circles lasted about 5 to 10minutes very scary what caued this?
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replied November 2nd, 2011
Did either of you find out what this was? Did it continue? Did it turn out to be nothing? It happened to me tonight when driving home at night, and it freaked me out. I was sure I was having a stroke or something. Any advice?

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