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Circle on foreskin of penis

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I have a small red circle on the of foreskin on my penis. Occasionally its gets dry, maybe every 2-3 days but then the skin falls off or can be peeled and i'm left with a shiny red circle that will only go dry again in a matter of days. I've had this for about a week now and i am very worried about it. Also, it causes no pain or discomfort what so ever but is purely an aesthetic issue, i've also looked on the internet and some forums say similar conditions could be an STD so i'm very worried.
any responses would be appreciated
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First Helper crag06

replied October 9th, 2010
Itchy dry red skin around penis
Sounds like a possible male yeast infection to me. Women get 'em all the time, but yeah, men can get them too. If you are sexually active, you may have gotten it from the woman you had sexual intercourse. If it is a yeast infectin, unless both of you treat it, you'll just swap it back and forth.
The flaky, itchy skin is normal. To get rid of it is about the same as women ... monistat, or you can rub plain (no flavors) yogart on it ... if you do that, add a very small amount of "white" vinegar to the solution. Only takes a couple treatments and it should go away. You will need to ask your woman if she has had itchiness in her vagina or if she's recently been treated for a yeast infection. Mac
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