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Cipralex 5 mg strange symptoms

I have been suffering from depression for some time and then I was advised to take Cipralex 5 mg. Today was my first day to take it and I feel change in heart rhythm, Anxiety and insomnia (it's 5:00 am here) and I can't sleep or go to the hospital.

Any help..

Is it normal ?
should I worry about that ?
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replied April 28th, 2013
cipralex takes several weeks to take effect. You shouldn't feel anything after one pill, especially on 5 mg. Cipralex is a rather mild ssri compared to others, my friends and family noticed my overall improvement before i even did. I think its a placebo effect you have right now. When i first started i overreacted to every change i felt because i kept looking for something different. But in reality i didnt even notice my self improve until my sister told me.
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