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Cipralex, I upped my dose from 5mg to 10mg...

I started Cipralex about 4 months ago for my anxiety and panic attacks... The attacks started in my second year of college and have gotten worse for the past 2 years! The first 3 weeks on cipralex were BRUTAL! Worse anxiety, tired all the time, nausea and inability to sleep! It got much better as time went on, and after a month or so on the pills, I didn't have any panic attacks!

Recently, I found out that I failed some classes at school and wont be able to graduate as planned, and the panic attacks have come back! (Even though I'm still taking Cipralex)
So I upped my dose from 5mg to 10mg... The panic attacks have lessened, but not I am feeling tired and lethargic all day and experiencing restless and jittery legs all night!

Anyone know what I'm experiencing or have any advice?
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replied January 9th, 2013
side effects are different for everyone
Hi I was on cipralex for 7years and came off them 7months ago ie had a little stress back in my life and it made me a mess im in the middle of a memtal breakdown I had to go back to get some more tsblets too days ago im suffering with dizzyness visual blurryness and hot flashes my heart keeps on racing and I cry a littlr with neing on tjese before I was ready for it im lay on the couch now poorly hoping that 2weeks hurrys up so im better I hope your better soon I no how scarey it is and im terrified even though ive done it before x
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