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Cipralex/Escitalopram and Pain in body

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Hi, i just want to tell my story about my experience about this medicine/SSRI, just to see if anybody feels the same i did.

It startet in spring 2014, i startet to go to a psychologist to solve my problems with anxiety and depression.
after about 3-4mont there, i accepted to use Cipralex/escitalopram, i felt i could handle to be around people better with less anxiety.

I did use this for 2years before i quit immediately to use it because side effects.
i feel after 2-3 month without anything it was starting to get worse again, that u feel in a otherway again.
So i contacted my doctor and we talked about to try something other med, so i startet on Zoloft in end of november 2016.
i got problems with my stomac with zoloft, and i feel very strange, and it felt like i was burning in chest and stomach,and i felt like i was on a other planet.
and i did almost not eat any at all, so i got broke on this, i start to cry, and i felt i loost controll over myself.
the christmas 2016 was very bad, i couldent handle this, and be around people, i was so stressed bodily, i was alot on my room to my parents because i didnt handle it, so i had no other choice to contact the doctor to get a fast appointment to my doc.

so in early january 2017
we decided to stop on zoloft, and begin back on cipralex again , because i never had never felt like this broken on cipralex, so i did use cipralex for 3-4 months and i did notice the same side effects like before.

Dry mouth,
Bad appetite
Muscle stiffness/weakness
Poor concentration
Problems with erection
Very tired all time
But i feel pain many places in body to, pain Comes and goes different places.
Twitching, cramps,tremors,
hard do have controll over youre mood, mood swings.
falling asleep
feeling taste of blood in Spit, some times it comes blood up to
vomiting, feeling of having something inside the body that make u vomiting, feels very hard for the body, it burns in the chest area and stomach.
The symptoms appear most on one side of the body

Stinging aching pain in area, throat,shoulder,arm, back,chest,sides,stomach,abdomen, the is the biggest problem 4 months after i quit taking it in april 2017.

I think Cipralex worked at the situation i was at, in the start when i used it, but after 1 years use, i feelt pain in body, and very tired all time, lack of apetit, and problems erection.

i have been without Cipralex for 4months about 1 weeks time now, and i still feel cramps,pains in bodyareas i mention.
this is a big problem for me, i cant get better, i used to like to train alot in the gym, but the pains when i workout with weights makes it hard to enjoy it like before.
I have been do my doctor for this problems many times, i will start to take NSAID to see if this helps, because we belive it is some inflammation or fibromyalgi since i had this problems so long time,
im also afraid home mutch do i withstands social with other people, after my breakdown in christmas 2016 i never felt i could enjoy the social and handle it like before, so i am alot alone issolated because of this.
i did not step down on the medication over time, because i felt very bad at that point, but i think today i maybe should have done that. im maybe thinking about starting on only 5mg again, if this maybe can help to get get away my pains.

if somebody does Recognize himself in my experience of pain, i would be happy if you leave a comment

Thank you
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