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cigarettes and blood sugar

I was addicted to cigarettes for many years. Haven't smoked for over five. I have been on the hypo diet for over six months. I recently went on a trip (stressful,a funeral) and decided to smoke. It helped me out tremendously with my constant anxiety and panic attacks. I will not go back to smoking, but I do find it helps when in stressful situations. I've heard that smoking interferes with the hypo diet, makes it useless. True? Anyone struggle with nicotine addition in relation to their hypoglycemia? When I quit cigarettes years ago I gained the weight associated with quitting due to eating more sugar to try and regulate my blood sugar (lost all the sugar fat after eliminating sugar from my diet). Without anything: cigarettes, alcohol, sugar, etc. the diet is unbearable, but I am not ever going back to the things that led to my sugar imbalances. But I will smoke a cigarette when needed rather than suffer a panic attack that sets me back a hundred fold. Going to the doctor to get blood work done, also to have my thyroid check, along with adrenals, as they are apparently producing excessive adrenaline, and of course to check for vitamin deficiency and serotonin.
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