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Chronic Wrist Pain - Ganglion cyst? Bone spur?

I have been living with chronic wrist pain in my right upper wrist since March 2012, after I began practicing power yoga. The pain only manifests in a fully extended position, such as during a push-up. I was (mis-?) diagnosed with carpal tunnel and have been sleeping in a wrist brace for months, with no change in pain. If anything, it's only gotten worse with time.

Today I noticed that in full flexion, my pained right wrist has a very sublte bump that is not present in my left wrist. It's not visible except when my wrist is fully flexed, but it's definitely there. After a little self-diagnosis, I'm wondering: is this a ganglion cyst? Or maybe a bone spur? How should I go about treating this?

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replied June 8th, 2013
Especially eHealthy

Ganglion cysts are most common on the dorsum of the wrist. They do not become visible until they are quite large. But, they can still cause problems when they cannot be seen. These are called "occult" ganglions.

If you are having significant problems, and there is a ganglion present, it may need to be taken out.

However, be forewarned, removal of a ganglion cyst can cause problems. It is not a simple little cyst removal. It require going all the way down and into the wrist joint. A piece of the joint capsule has to be removed, so the cyst won't return.

Many patients form a lot of scar tissue after this surgery, which can cause its own problems. So, go into this surgery with the knowledge that it is not just a simple little cyst removal. It is a major orthopedic procedure.

But, if you are having significant problems, and are willing to take the risks, then you should see a hand surgeon for an evaluation.

Good luck.
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