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Chronic uncontrolled asthma

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I am 26 and I now have severe/brittle asthma. 2 years ago I was admitted to hospital with Swine Flu and Pneumonia, I underwent lots of treatment to get me well again - Nebs, oxygen, oral steroids and inhalers. I had 3 months off work (I'm a teacher) and then went on to make a full recovery within 8 months. I was back to the gym/exercise 3 times a week and I even went travelling for a month, no problems.

Now, however, I have gone backwards having had 3 acute attacks in the last 6 months, all of which have needed oral steroids to clear (triggers were hayfever pollen and colds). I am currently taking Symbicort 200/6 morning and evening, 40mg of prednisolone a day (for 2 weeks so far), a course of doxytetracycline antibiotics and salbutamol 4/5 puffs every 3/4 hours. Despite all this medication, I still have a wheeze in my chest and when I exert myself (walking, climbing stairs) I loose my breath and then can't take a deep breath for a while. The wheeze seems to go a bit when I cough up mucus, which is thicker than normal but clear, but then it comes back again quickly.

I feel so frustrated as I can no longer do any exercise, as it brings on tightness and a wheeze in my chest, and I am struggling to even go to work. I have a chest x ray tomorrow to have a closer look at my lungs.

Does anyone get the same symptoms? Is anyone on more effective medication? What do I do next?
I appreciate any help/advice you can give.
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First Helper SuzieBee

replied November 28th, 2011
Uncontrolled Asthma
Hi there Supershiv4,
Im sitting here so frustrated with my asthma over the last number of months and finally have come across someone who seemingly is in the same boat. I would be really interested to know how you are getting on now. Ive had severe enough asthma from my teenage years usually triggered by colds and flus, but often a course of antibiotics & steroids would clear it after a week or two. This time is very different and I ended up being admitted with my asthma for the first time in my life. I had a terrible sinus infection in September which lingered for 3 weeks and took 3 courses of antibiotics to somewhat clear and my asthma from that time has been awful. I have been on and off steroids since late September and currently on 20mg daily. I am back with my physician at the end of this week. My normal meds are Salamol (when required), Symbicort 400/12, Rhinocort Nasal Inhaler and Zirtex. I have recently had the following added: Flixotide Inhaler, Uniphillin tablet at night and a Nasal drop to help with the sinuses.
The weather where I am currently has been damp and cold, though not frosty cold since late August/ September and I do truely believe that damp weather does have a certain impact. Though the sinus infection I had in early September was quite chronic as my white blood levels were quite elevated when tested before I was admitted to hospital in October.
Any guidance and advice you might have would be most appreciated.
Best regards,
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replied January 2nd, 2013
Yes yes yes!! I am only 19 but im afraid my asthma will kill me sometime soon. I went through 25 hits of my albuterol inhaler in the past 24 hrs. Im always wheezing amd cant exert myself at all even though i used to run cross country. Nebulizer treatments frequently make me puke as i just did only twenty minutes ago. It helps for a few minutes then my wheeze comes back again. My insurance doesnt want to pay for my inhalers anymore because i go through them so quickly. Im constantly waking up at nite short of breath. Im so sad. I feel as if my body is turning on me. Im alway nauseated sick and wheezing. I feel 80 years old. I just want this to stop. I cant keep living like this.
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