I feel like my throat is really tight like I want to cry but I'm holding it back. I've had that strangled feeling in my throat ever since I was eight. I can't seem to consciously relax it no matter how hard I try. All I can do about the pain is to escape with some kind of distraction.

The tightness is mainly located on the front and sides of my throat just above the adams apple. the tightness feels like muscle tightness in my neck but the surface of my throat feels sensitive too.

I've seen several MDs and ENTs over the years.

Negative on all tests. No acid reflux. No swollen tonsils. No coughs or colds or sore throat.

I control my breathing by constricting my throat. I notice whenever I try to do some kind of physical exertion I clamp my throat closed. Often its closed when I concentrate on something or I when get upset. When I hold my breath its always by clamping my throat closed. I clamp my throat shut every time i swallow.

A lot of times I unconsciously supress my breathing but I can't tell if my neck is constricting to control my breathing or if my breathing is constricted because of my tight neck, if that makes sense.

I am 44 years old. My life has been misery. thanks for any help.
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replied October 27th, 2013
I was hoping someone would have responded with something like:

-that exact area where you feel pain is associated with this particular muscle which has the following functions.
-you have trained yourself to close your throat. here is a link to how to train yourself to use your throat appropriately.
-the symptoms you describe correspond to this unexpected condition.

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replied November 8th, 2013
I used to get the throat ache now and then...but after an illness earlier this year my achy throat has turned into a chronic daily problem. after some testing the Drs have found that my esophagus does not have coordinated movements when I swallow and my sphincter leading into my stomach does not relax properly, therefore food sits in my esophagus for long periods of time possibly. I have noticed that my aching begins after eating or drink certain things. For instance my calcium supplement is to large and gets stuck in my esophagus. I have been working with a speech therapist and she recommends taking one bite of food...chewing well and swallow with a sip of water. ..Bite...chew...sip of water.
sometimes I am ok...other days it's awful. To me it feels like something is around my neck and gets cinched tighter and tighter at times. I feel like I have an artery that is going to explode. I have seen tons of Drs and they see nothing wrong except the esophagus oddity.. I hope every day that they aren't missing something serious. I have seen several posts on here that match my symptoms...but there doesn't seem to be a DR that knows what it is.
My gastro Dr has prescribed a muscle relaxer, flexeril, to take 3 times a day. I read about the side effects and am a bit scared to take it...but I hope to start taking it to see if it helps at all.
I think the throat clamping is HUGE clue. My therapist says I carry all my stress and tension in my throat. Hope something here helps both you and I!
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