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chronic sesamoiditis

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I've been struggling with sesamoiditis for two and a half years now. My ordeal began when I suffered a trauma injury on the top of my foot, which swelled up for about a month, though the doctors never found any sort of fracture in the many X-rays and MRIs and CAT scans I've had. Once the swelling went away, the part of my foot that gradually began to hurt was not the trauma site (on top), but rather the sesamoid area. And so the nightmare began.

I have been to 4 or 5 trauma specialists, 2 podiatrists, have spend hundreds of dollars on special (useless) insoles. Sometimes they help with the sesamoiditis a little, but then they cause me to have back or other pains, so it is like the cure ends up being worse than the disease. For a while I was prescribed calcitonin because a doctor suspected I had "Sudeck's Syndrome". I am currently wondering if there is a gout factor involved (though I think there is definitely sesamoiditis there, too). I have been prescribed a variety of anti-inflammatories, of course, but I find that all but plain ol' ibuprofen actually do nothing or make it worse, as do anti-inflammatory creams (Voltaren, etc.)

The most frustrating part is that according the trauma specialists when looking at my MRIs (4 or 5 at this point), I DO NOT have sesamoiditis! But my foot, and that joint, are in constant pain and I always feel like a have a little pebble inside the ball of my aching foot. Not wearing shoes quickly aggravates the pain. And I have discovered through trial and error that the only way to make the pain go away entirely is to do ABSOLUTELY NO PHSYICAL ACTIVITY. What a life! Just sitting like a bump on a log. Of course I have gained over 30 lbs since this all started Sad It seems abnormal at 38 not to be able to do any physical activity, or to suffer days of pain after taking a half-hour stroll. I sleep horribly because I can't find the right position to sleep in due to the foot pain and secondary pains.

The worst, though, in the past year is actually all this secondary pain. Due to an improper gait, which I constantly try to correct, my right leg is always in pain, which shifts around depending on the day or week, and often travels up into my butt, and the right side of my back. It has gone on so long the whole right side of my body feels like a separate entity from the left side, which does not hurt at all ever. I am completely desperate and trying to make things better with physical therapy, Pilates and an osteopath, but none of it seems to last. Sometimes I manage to feel normal for a day or two, but then all the pain returns, starting at the bag toe and gradually shooting up thru foot, ankle, calf, thigh, butt and back. Any suggestions from anyone would help, because none of the professionals I've seen have really helped at all.

I am no longer sure what type of doctor or professional to see, what types of tests they should do, etc. My accident was 2 and a half years ago, and today, for instance, the ball of my foot and big toe are literally throbbing and a bit hot, i feel plantar fascitis like symptoms with all the muscle in the arch of my foot totally tense, minor pain on the top of my foot, the back side of my ankle and my front thigh all in tension and a tense gluteus maximum, with general fatigue all up the right leg. Where should I begin for a new beginning?
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