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Chronic Rash over 2 months

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My 6 yr. old has been suffering with a chronic rash for almost 2 months now. It began with a blister by his mouth, and now has a rash covering has entire body, though it is most prominent on his back, chest, neck, and butt. It is not on his hands, feet, scalp, or in his mouth, and he only has a couple bumps on his face. The rest of his body is drenched in bumps, in which some are beginning to blister. He has been to the doctor repeatedly since this has been going on. He has had x-rays, blood tests,and has also been tested for Strep. He has been treated so far with steroids (1 wk.), Azithromycin (1 wk.), and Zyrtec (1 wk.). None of these meds has helped him out whatsoever, and the rash just continues to get worse. It is non-itchy for the most part, though sometimes one or two bumps may irritate him, itch, or become painful. Also, it has been deemed non-contagious, as he is attending school on a daily basis. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Also, I thought I should add that these bumps/rash are his only symptom. He has a very low-grade fever sometimes now, but nothing to be concerned with. No cough, or anything else.
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replied September 6th, 2009
For an occasional rash or shingles an old remedy is to use Hydrogen Peroxide, 3% topical solution, external use only. Soak a clean cloth with it and dab on rash.
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