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Chronic Pancreatitis after bile duct problems

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I had my gallbladder out over 10 years ago because the bile duct opening was swollen shut. Ever since I have had dull pain on my right side of my back right where the gallbladder pain was - sometimes coming around to under my ribs. It was never severe. The about a year ago I started having severe pain right around my stomach area - worse when I ate. I am pretty much always nauseated. They found on Ct scan that my common bile duct was 4 times the size it should be, and did an ERCP in August this year. The bile duct was really swollen and the sphincter of oddi was so tight they couldn't even do the air pressure test because they couldn't get into the sphincter. He cut the sphincter and said I should be better now. I ended up with acute pancreatitis - not too severe but my abdomen was so bloated and pain severe i was in the hospital for 5 days on IVs and not even water to drink. It got better - but shortly after I started having pain again which has gotten worse and worse - feels just like pancreatitis. When it gets bad I can hardly breath or move I just put my heating pad on and stop eating til it gets better. It last from a half hour to a few hours each time and sometimes it is about a week where i have to really watch what I eat or it will act up again. I get some diarhea with it but nothing bad. Definately nauseated when it is bad. I have basically cut out meat - it makes me nauseated to think about meat let alone eat it. Stress makes it flair up very bad and then certain foods - it doesn't always act up when i eat fat - but most times it cats up I have eaten fat or high sugar or vinagar. Does this sounds like chronic pancreatitis? How will they diagnose it? I have been almost ready to go to ER a few times - should I do that - is it better for them to diagnose when it is acting up bad? Any advise would be great. I have some kind of auto-immune thing that causes chronic pericarditis (swelling around my heart) and jount pain so I don't know if this could be part of that ... also my little sister has had identical episodes with abdominal pain - worse after giving brith to her two boys is pancreatitis genetic at all? thanks!
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