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Chronic pain. tried nearly every conservative treatment

Hi all,

I'm new to this forum came across it in a internet search.

Anyways, I am a 24 year old male living in Ireland.

I have been suffering from chronic TMJ pain for last 9 months.

It all began last christmas when I was listening to my ipod.

I got a sudden pain in my ear and intense tinnitus.

At first I thought this was due to playing the music too loud(which I know you shouldn't do anyways).

But over the next few weeks some strange things started happening.

I had intense ear pressure in my left ear for a good 3 months but thankfully it resolved after that.

Then I started getting pains down my neck and back which I thought was very strange.

and after that it seems to have just been getting worse. I still have some ear symptoms(wax buildup, sound sensitivy etc).

Now at the current moment I have tingling feelings down my arms and hands and even my feet!

My bite is also off with only the right side of my teeth touching.

I have tried nearly every conservative treatment out there and still have no relief.

My dentist made me and upper splint to wear only at night.(which I know was a waste of money because I don't clench or grind my teeth at night)

I've tried an osteopath and found nothing from that.

I've applied ice packs, hot water bottles, jaw exercises and just pretty much everything else.

I have now been referred to a oral and maxillofacial unit in my local hospital. I'm on the waiting list to see them.

If anyone could advise me on what a good treatment might be to try that I haven't mentioned I would really appreciate it!

My apologizes on the long post I'm just desperate to find relief from this horrible condition.


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replied October 12th, 2014
I'm going to a Dental Mandibular Restorative Therapist in the US. Some new program where they use microcurrent stimulation, cold laser, massage and ultra sound to try to retrain the muscles. The dentist he works with is also working on my bite. Who knows if it will help! I hope go. I also have a night guard but don't grind at night. Daytime is my problem.
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replied October 20th, 2014
Check out the LVI orthotic and TENSing therapy (TENS = transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation)—the LVI orthotic is clear and goes over your bottom teeth, you'll wear it all the time, except when eating. I went through this and it was the only thing that helped. Its expensive, and a specialized dentist specializing in TMJ will conduct your treatment.

Good luck, Ive been where you are, it's hell. It may take a while to heal (a few years).
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replied November 26th, 2014
I'm sorry to hear you're going through this Anarchy, but I'm glad you posted here, because I'm experiencing very similar symptoms, and also recently found this forum via a Google search.

I don't have as much of the tinnitus, but do have the feeling of fullness and pain in ear, pain in jaw and sometimes teeth as well. I also have the vertigo at times, as well as the pain in my left eye, along the left side and back of my head and sometimes facial pain.

I literally thought I had an ear infection because at times the pain and pressure was so great. Then I thought it might be due to my recent wisdom tooth extraction, and the area was infected. No to both of those suspected conditions. The doctors then thought I had a problem with my vestibular system due to the severe vertigo, so I underwent a test for that, and also an MRI of my head to rule out anything unusual there. All my tests came back normal, so then I thought I was just going crazy....until I finally visited my dentist for my regular six month appointment and she explained it all to me.

She referred me to a maxillofacial pain and TMD specialist dentist. Of course none of this is covered under my insurance, so I'm about to invest a couple grand in hopes that this will help me. I had my first consult, and they took a wraparound x-ray of my full skull and showed it to me in 3-D (pretty cool). It was obvious by looking at that x-ray the different between my left-side jaw joint and my right side. Left side joint has been worn down quite a bit, so I now know what is the cause of all my issues. It's apparent that I have to allow my jaw to heal, so my specialist is recommending a lower appliance for the day, and an upper and lower appliance for the night when I sleep, since I do some severe grinding of teeth at night.

I'm really hopeful this treatment helps, because I've been in misery for over a year now with these terrible symptoms. I frequently experience fatigue, and I'm assuming it's just due to enduring the chronic pain. I'm wondering if anyone else experiences that as well. I'm just not "the old me" anymore. I'm hoping to get back to that if this treatment is successful.

Best of luck to everyone suffering from this as well!
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