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chronic pain for nearly a year

I have been dealing with chronic upper right back pain for nearly a year. It started gradually with minor discomfort a few days a month and has progressed to debilitating constant pain. The pain is primarily centered between my spine and right shoulder blade. Sitting too long causes numbness and a "tight muscle" feeling in my arms and legs, mainly right side but occasionally both left and right. I also get severe shooting pains down the right side only of my spine starting at the shoulder blade going down to my tail bone, these pains do not go down the legs or arms and occur in any position sitting, standing, or laying down. I have a constant slight weakness in my right arm compared to the left. I do not have insurance and the emergency room doctors brush me off as a "pill seeker" and simply tell me to rest & take Ibuprofen. I have tried every otc pain reliever nothing helps. The only semi relief I am able to find is constant repositioning between laying/sitting on the bed and couch, and constant use of a heating pad. I am at my wits end, it has caused me to have to quit working, I very rarely leave home, and it interferes with even the simplest daily activities, even showering has become impossible most days.
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replied March 14th, 2013
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Are your shoulders rounded forwards?

When you stand relaxed with your arms at your side which way do your palms aim?
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replied March 14th, 2013
yes my shoulders are rounded forward, when I stand with my hands at my side my palms tend to turn slightly towards the back
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replied March 14th, 2013
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Your palms should face you side with your thumbs pointing straight ahead.
So you have a muscles imbalance where your chest muscles are tight and your upper back muscles are weak. Actually this problem starts in the hips (core distortion) and your shoulders react by rounding forwards.
A good stretch to wok both your shoulders and hips at the same time is:
1a) "Static extension on elbows" (Do a Google search)
- To get your shoulders pulled back as well, pinch your shoulders together.


2) "standing wall clock - egoscue" (Do a Google search)

These will put both your hips and shoulders into extension.

These 2 are for your shoulders:
3) STRAIGHT ARM at the WALL. Please bear with me, it's worth the effort!
a) Stand facing the wall.
b) Straighten your left arm horizontally, or slight above horizontal, out to the side.
c) Curl your fingers up and point your thumb as if you are gripping a golf club.
- Put the pinkie side of your left hand (edge) against the wall so your thumb is pointing AWAY from the wall or downwards towards the floor
- Rotation comes form the shoulder, not through the arm.
- If you can't get this rotation, lift your arm so it is higher than your shoulder.
d) Press the palm of your RIGHT hand against the wall like a pushup position. Use this force to rotate your chest and stretch your left pectoral muscles.
- IMPORTANT: Keep your shoulders and hips pointed in the same direction.
- Don't let your torso twist.
e) Let your left shoulder drop BACK and DOWN.
f) As your shoulder relaxes, rotate your torso further to increase the stretch in your shoulder.
g) Repeat for the other arm.

Cool The "Arthur Fonzarelli"(Do a Google search for "Arthur Fonzarelli" and you will see his famous "two thumbs up" pose).
a) Stand with arms at your sides.
b) Put a Yoga block between each upper arm and side of your chest.
c) With your elbows slightly BEHIND your torso, press into the blocks. You will feel your arms rotating so your thumbs point straight ahead.
d) Bend your arms like your are doing and arm curl.

I can suggest some others if these are too hard to do.
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replied March 14th, 2013
thank you very much, i will start these right away.
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