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Chronic pain down left side

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I am 33. I had previous surgery on 2 lumbar vertebrea in the lower back 12 years ago. Before the surgery the pain was shooting down the right side from lower back to right foot. Now 12 years later I have the same chronic pain down the left side. Been to doctor and sent for physio and scans. Findings from scan is a right sided laminectomy defect at the L5 level. The L5-S1 intervertebral disc degenerate with gas present within degenerate disc and associated with small righ tsided posterolateral herniation of the disc with the herniating disc abutting the right S1 nerve root which seems to be displaced posteriorly, however, fat, is present posterior to the thecal sac at thos level adjacent to the laminectomy defect. I am 75kg and 6ft 2in and do exercise. Can you help.
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replied March 27th, 2009
I have Chronic lower back pain on left side as well.
Im a 39 year old male. This pain I have comes and goes every other few months at a time. My symptoms pain are below the left rib cage, it has a burning sensation, alot a pressure from inside, no symptom like swelling or a bulge or discoloration on the outside. When I lay down to sleep, I feel constance pain when I sleep on the ride side and just alil pressure when I sleep on the left side. But it keep me twisting and turning all night long. I can flex more to the ride side than my left side. When I eat I feel alittle pressure applied to my lower back and pressure toward the front of my stomach. What could all this mean? Please reply ASAP!!!!!!!
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