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Does anyone have any ideas ,i just moved from oregon to new mexico, and i cant find a new doctor, i,m on methadone for pain!!only not heroin ect,it was prescribed after very long failed attempts on other meds,ultram,percocet,,vioxx,(which put me in hospital w/heart murmurs and beats messed up*thanks phamacrudical companies)tons of non narcotic and oxycontin which i hated 1 day i knew that stuff was bad news i went back to dr asnd he was lie tired of seeinbg me i guess ,so we tried methadone pills 10mg 3x day and it really worked on my spine pain!! i was thrilled and i dint have any bad side effects likei did w/ others which suprised me,i heard this med was just for junkies where i come from?? but here its that way the doctors arent listening to me and know the hell i went through physuically and menbtaly just to find a med that worked, not my fault its a odd drug?? now i,m left medicationless and black listed, the doctor wrote on my record high dependance on methadone,??? i never had anytrouble w/ my meds ever,never took more than i should or told to,always reported anyt hing odd,?? now this mean old dr has screwed up my life in a sense causing me alot trouble and pain is outta control i spent xmas in the bed for my back was so bad and spasms that burned and my l leg n foot where cold,anyone have ideas about this mess up??? mri shows alot odd stuff and found a cyst also?? and noones gone over my mri,s w/ me and anything very non professional?? help please????i,m gonna report him to the rx board,he really was mean and 1st thing he was all uptight about was the medication list?? and he didnt read my film xrays i brought w/ me also??? and i had anothe rdr he was rude to saying ah a cyst could be anything and pains a terrible thing,you nee to find somebody to help you??? this was aosteo dr???????? any one please??????i literally feel like im lossing it?? and the stress is overwheling,i feel i need to talk to a lawyer for 1st time in my life this is cruel and punishing to someone they dont know, my old dr,s are dumbfounded why i,m getting this treatmenbt?? never any illegal or troubles w/ meds ect?? and no abuse??? anyone know?? i heard new terms as called opophobia as dr,s are scared to give these meds out for ,if someone got treasonable records and did what they where told todo by last rx what the heck?????? if it makes your life wotrk better like being able to function better and get some relief i just dont under stand?? anyone know what i should do anbout this dr situation he put me in i feel so abused by him and helpless i was treated like a criminal street dope addict??? i was never ever treated like this from any dr and i seen too many in my opinions?? please any feedback??
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replied January 18th, 2011
me too I have had more than 7 mean doctors about my severe spine pain- Chronic- Vancouver, B.C. history of it,
In 1966 I had a horse trauma & horse i WAS RIDING ON fell on me ,then rolled on me , WHOLE 1900 LB. horse WEIGHT, nearly died that day , but no blood ,ruining more than 13 spine bones and disks. Because of dr's lack of concern, laziness to get me mri"s I was left alone with it for many years! I lost my mom and sister over this case at age 22.
THEIR DISBELIEF i EVEN HAD A REMOTE TRAUMA--i GOT SORT OF BLACKLISTED BY DOC'S AND MY FAMILY, # MRI"S came to me 30 years late- all damage in 3 parts of body, SPINE FACETS, CROOKED SPINE (called listhesis) BROKE SHOULDER in the joint ,FROM 1966 Could you e-mail me so we can talk -Same problem as you w. doctors/MEDS.THEIR feAR OF PILLS. The doctors are quite evil and willeven laugh-I am like you I am straight female, I feel "shafted and let down." I WANT TO TALK. I think the 2 stories should go on t.v. " Chronic pain in good people"....
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replied August 9th, 2011
Osteopathy healed my back and neck pain
I had chronic back pain until I found an OSTEOPATH. Osteopaths are MDs and often covered by insurance. They have additional education for gentle manipulation of the body to relieve pain and increase movement from an Osteopathy school. It has been around for over 100 years. None of the chiropractors I saw could help me but the Osteopath helped me very quickly and permanently!

You also must not do anything that aggravates the back so it can heal. I read this from a surgeons book. Don't lift, push or pull anything over 10 pounds or whatever weight aggravates it.
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