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Chronic nerve root irritation cervical C5-C6

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Anyone have any experience with this?

My doctor thought that my disc is herniated but MRI came back negative. He tell me to try to straighten up with good posture. But, good posture is impossible for me, If I try it I end up irritating the nerve so badly I'm crippled. So I'm stuck with hunched posture since the only way I get relief.

After sitting or lieing flat on my back for some time when I stand up I hear & feel my neck make a rapid click, click, click sound, usually three times in a row over a few seconds. Then a little bit time after I feel aching pain down into front part of shoulder and start getting spasm that sometimes so bad it makes my whole body freeze(like electric shock).

The damn Clicking just goes on and on, When I wake up in the morning after sleeping I start day off with clicking sound. Nerve just keeps getting irritated.

After I saw chiropractor, he did neck adjustment where he cracked my neck to side, I felt short term relief for 3 days but then suddenly it just tightened up so badly and clicking/spams got worse taken to another extreme level of pain I hadn't felt before.

God I can't take this pain much longer I'm having suicidal thoughts as I suffer with it for years and seen so many doctor who think I'm crazy.
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replied July 4th, 2009
YOU ARE NOT CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would stay away from chiropractors and see a Neurologist..A Ortho. doc. doesn't understand the nerves like a Neuro. does..Everything you said I have..I don't have clicking but I do crunching sounds..I have had sevre back pain for years..I do have disc disease with spial issues but there is compressed nerves..Just because this one doc didn't see it doesn't mean it is not there..

Whereever you had the MRI go and tell them you want a copy of the MRI on disc..Then get an appointment for a second and third if needed..Don't give up..
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replied August 17th, 2010
neck pain option
You could try the Egoscue Method, which is basically posture therapy and do it in your own home. You can get the book "Pain Free: A Revolutionary Method for Stopping Chronic Pain" by Pete Egoscue and Roger Gittines. It helps me tremendously if I do it on a daily basis as directed. Also, it is important to start the day with it. Good luck.
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