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chronic nausea (24/7) for over a year!

Hi!!! My name is Nastia. I suffer from chronic nausea (24/7) for over a year and can say nausea is the worst symptoms on the earth. I have very frequent burping too, sometimes pain. There is no relief from Reglan or antiacid drug. My life is unbearable. Only diagnosis I have is GERD.... help me please...
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replied July 10th, 2013
Chronic nausea could be anything. But since you already been diagnosed with GERD, have you followed the adviced properly given by the doctor? The advice includes avoid certain food/drink like coffee, bicarbonate drink, avoid smoking, don't lying down while eating, or lying down immediately after eating. Try to figure out when exactly you start to have the nausea and try to correlate if there is anything out of your routine you have done. If possible make a diary to note the worse symptoms you have at that time and relate it with your recent activities.
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