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Chronic Nausea everyday, no relief

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So I have been feeling nauseated off an on for over 6 months. I suffer from chronic migraines with auras and at first I told myself that it is cause by my migraines or mean that I probably get one soon. The more I keep tabs on my symptoms the more I notice that a lot of the nausea is at random and more frequently even with my migraines decreasing while receiving treatment. I have been on my meds way to long for random nausea to flare so meds have been ruled out. That puts me at a dead end. I went to my pcp and he suggested vertigo since i was experience dizziness with it when I was getting checked out. Now when I drive or with someone in a car I all of the sudden feel like im getting motion sickness. I have to role the windows down and get fresh air to either take my mind off it or attempt to get relief. I have taken reglan, zofran, otc pepto, and now trying Tigam. All these meds rx exhausting me it's like one after the other. I've been researching and noticed a lot of people are in the same boat as me. I suggested to both my neurologist and pcp that im concerned about this issue and one says let keep monitoring and the other says prob from the headaches. Im also concerned that my docs or new docs will just assume it's the migraines simply because it is a common SX of it, but this is happening even when I don't suffer from the migraines. Any advice, experiences, or resolutions anyone has experienced with this same issue?
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replied March 15th, 2013
I have the same problem. I just posted onto another thread regarding an actual cure to nausea.
I am 19 and have been suffering from chronic nausea for 3 months. Before that I would have mild nausea in the morning, but now I have it recurring at different times almost every day. I have tried so many pills and medicines its making my head spin. Anyway, I too had vertigo from when I was 13 till I was 16, and that never affected my nausea. My neurologist and physician are perplexed by why I feel so sick. In addition, the acid-reflux medications I have been perscribed don't help. Honestly, the only thing I can get SOME degree of releif from is TUMS and Probiotic capsules.
Anyway, my mom and brother both suffered from the same thing as I am. They both also suffered from allergies and tried many different treatments, but nothing worked. However, two years ago they both got a homeopathic treatment called NAET. It completely cured them permanently of every single, which is mind blowing in itself... Anyway, they realized after getting the treatment that several other health issues they had disappeared: they both no longer are narcoleptics and they don't experience daily nausea anymore.

Apparently NAET thinks that allergies can reveal themselves in different ways in different people. If you are allergic to food, some can experience nausea. Allergies don't have to be the classic 'sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, etc'. Its important to also realize that allergic reactions don't always happen instantaneously...or even the same day!!!! I recently was able to determine I have a both a dairy intolerance and allergy... whenever I eat dairy, it takes HOURS (sometimes up to 12-18 hours) for me to start suffering from the cramps it brings. Even without dairy, though, I am still nauseous (but not nearly as severe)...and now I wonder if there are other foods my body is reacting to. I'm desperate to get rid of this sickness I feel.

I am getting the NAET treatment done in the summer; I am hoping that it will as well cure me of nausea just like my other family members.
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replied June 2nd, 2013
I also suffer from migraine and chronic nausea. The nausea also happens independant of the migraines. I have had this problem for over 20 years. I have had every test you can imagine with all results normal.
Doctors don't have an answer for the cause but keep saying anxiety and depression! Yes I'm depressed because I feel sick all the time.
Over the last 2 weeks however I have had major relief. In the past I have been prescribed so many anti- nausea drugs including Zofran, all of which did nothing. But 2 weeks ago when I ended up in hospital because the nausea was so bad the registrar gave me Domperidone 10mg 3 times daily. I had improvement of about 50%. Then I was started on Clomipramine 25mg and 3 days later.... NO NAUSEA!!!!!!! I hope this helps someone because living with daily nausea is hell on earth!!!!
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replied August 13th, 2013
Has your doc checked you for inflamed cochlear? Or if there are calcium crystal deposits that were dislodged?

This can cause positional vertigo.
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