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Chronic lower to mid back pain - totally unresolved!

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hey all,

So I thought I would try to make a post here to see if anyone can help, because so far noone really has been able to. Roughly 2 years ago, I started to experience some mild back pain, particularly when I was pack marching (in the military sense). Since then, it has progressed, I get pain when I sit or stand for more than say 20 mins. I also get pain if I arch my back. I could outline everything but it would take me some time. The details so far:

I'm 20
X ray - all ok
MRI - all ok (small but of osteoathrosis in L5/S1)
Bone scan - all good
Physiotherapist - unsure of why I'm getting pain (been seeing physios for 6 months now)
Blood test - all good
Sports specialist - unsure, maybe muscular
Doctors - ruled out things like arthritis and shermanns disease from blood test.

The pain is very unpredictable. Some nights I can't lay on my back, some days I can't walk properly, BUT some days I feel fine and can do most things. Consistently, however, things like long car trips ruin me.

I have some lumber/thorasic (spelling?) rehab exercises, most of which I find quiet easy, except the anything involving arching my back, which doesn't give a sharp pain, but a pain more localized to maybe a 3 inch area toward the top of the lumber. The cold also renders me useless.


Can anyone help? I'm pretty much out of ideas :/ also, all scans have been double/triple checked by various specialists.
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replied June 26th, 2012
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I also get pain if I arch my back.

When standing and facing a mirror, is one hip closer to the mirror than the other? Do you notice one side of you back is more arched than the other? It sounds like you back or hips could be twisted and a facet joint is getting pinched.
. Consistently, however, things like long car trips ruin me.

This sounds like a disc problem so I don't see why nothing showed up on an MRI. So again, your hips could be twisted.

1) "Yoga triangle pose" (Do a Google search)

but do this against the wall. If you cannot get both hips flat on the wall, they are twisted.
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replied June 27th, 2012
Hips seem to fine, thanks got the reply - every little bit helps Smile they didn't see anything wrong with the discs, they can pin point some painful joins around L5/S1 when the physio really gets stuck in - wouldn't a facet joint inflammation show up on a bone scan?
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replied February 7th, 2014
Hi Pete,
did you find solution to your problem. I am interested to know as my wife is in similar situation as you are. She is suffering from the mysterious back pain since 4 years and no one could find the problem after numerous visits to physio, sports, specialists etc.
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