i have had chronic low back pain for many years with no diagnosis. Mri's, catscans, x-rays, physical therapy and several pain management procedures and nobody can figure out what the pain is from. Anybody have any recommendations on what to do next? I've seen orthopedics and neurologists with no answers.
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replied November 14th, 2012
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Well, the good thing is that you do not have any big, serious problems. So, the most common problem in modern society which causes low back pain is lack of physical fitness, poor cardiac fitness, and not maintaining a proper weight.

Patients get into a vicious cycle, where they have back pain so they decrease their activity level, which just leads to further back pain and a further decrease in activity.

Many patients who get into and stick with a physical training program, along with weight management, often greatly reduce or eliminate chronic musculoskeletal low back pain. But, this is not to say that this is going to be easy or pain free. You have had problems for many years, so it is probably going to take many months or more to see a big improvement.

If you want to try to get yourself better, then start of workout program. One of the best exercises is just walking. Getting out and walking briskly. Swimming and water aerobics are also great, and with the water, a lot of stress is taken off the back and lower extremities. Cycling is also a very good activity.

But, if you need to lose weight, you have to move your body through space, so walking is a better choice. Walking will also help to build bone mass (swimming and cycling will not do this). Lifting weights, yoga, tia chi, pliates, just about any activity will do in terms of getting into shape.

The trunk muscles should be strengthened and stretched, to help with low back pain.

You might want to look at the Back Pain Forum, here on eHealth. There are several members there that have programs that have helped them and other ideas to help with low back pain.

Hope your back feels better. Good luck.
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replied November 25th, 2012
my back problems started 34 years ago when I put my back out while swimming!Over the years I've been both bed bound and housebound and had no help from GP's so just 'got on with it'. Now at 60 years of age I can't walk my dog as walking causes back pain, can't even reach my feet to cut my toenails. I still work and care for my dog but just DON'T bend down anymore. Wish I'd had access to the internet all those years ago. STIFFBIRD
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replied November 26th, 2012
Try and adapt your sleeping arrangements so it takes your back into consideration. Being horizontal for 30 - 35% of your life is a big segment so you need to watch your back here as well as during waking hours. Have you considered using a memory foam mattress or even a memory foam mattress topper to test the waters out? This could give you support and play a part in the relief of pain, if not the eradication.
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