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Chronic Knee Pain (Right Knee)

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I'm wondering if anyone can help me. I'm having constant knee pain that has been ongoing for over one year. Some days the pain is so bad that I can hardly move.

I tore my PCL and meniscus in 2003 and had surgery to repair the damage. Afterwards I had 6 -9 months of rehab.

Everything was fine for quite some time, but I started to have occasional painful twinges in my knee about two years ago when doing sports. This progressed within a year to a sickening pain in the outside and back of the knee.

I was referred to a great orthopedic surgeon who has done everything in her power to find the source of this chronic pain. In fact, I recently underwent arthroscopic surgery as a last resort (I've already had multiple x-rays and MRIs) to see if there was anything 'broken' within the knee.

The results of the arthroscopy were good in that the old damage to the joint has healed very well. Unfortunately however I was told that the pain appears to be related to the nerves in the leg.

I'm now being referred to a neurologist very quickly and have an appointment in less than two weeks!

Does anybody out there have similar experiences or any knowledge of neurological problems in the knee joint/leg?

Thank you for any advice you can offer. This condition is quite literally crippling me!
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replied March 15th, 2012
An Update
It has now been a few weeks since my last update.

I've now received a diagnosis--peripheral neuropathy--and I've begun treatment for the chromic pain I'm experiencing. I'm now taking the following pills to hopefully combat this problem: Gabapentin Actavis (300/600mg), Noritren (30mg), Tradolan Retard (200mg), Arcoxia (90/120mg). I've also been treated with a Qutenza patch in the hospital a few days ago.

I'm currently still in a lot of pain, but have noticed a little bit of improvement in the hypersensitivity of my skin around the calf and knee. My skin is still painful to the touch, but perhaps 10-20% better than it was before.

To be quite honest, I'm totally exhausted by taking all the pills and the pain and I'm having trouble living a normal life. Quite worryingly, I'm now noticing pains in my right ankle as well and think that the area effected is getting bigger.

Does anyone out there have any similar experiences or words of advice? I could really do with some support from people with similar problems.

Also, I've been looking into other pain treatments that do not have so much of a negative impact on one's concentration and memory. My colleague has suggested that I look into Sativex a cannaboid drug which may have benefits for neuropathic pain. Does anyone have specific knowledge of cannaboid drugs and their benefits vis-a-vis limitations?

Thank you to anyone who can offer helpful information or a supportive word or two.
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