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The kidneys filter blood and regulate body flood. What happens during kidney failure? And what types of kidney failure do doctors diagnose?...
There are three main condition which cause renal (kidney) failure. Learn what causes kidney failure and what factors increase your risk of kidney problems....
What are the signs of acute or chronic kidney failure? Which ones are more serious than others? And when should you ask a doctor or go to the ER for help?...
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Hiya im only 20 years old and pas year now i have sufferd a chronic uti!!! that just wont go away its been cultured as E.coli!!! but it wont go away
iv had a camera into my bladder and a kidney cat scan which relieved scarring of the right kidney but not to bad all blood works are normal
kidney fuction normal but it wont go away
iv had cephalexin. trimethoprim amoxacillin. all the antibiotics you can think of iv had them even strong doses for two weeks at a time but it wont go away my specialist seems puzzled also??? what could this be my urine does burn and is cloudy and i have a dull right sided ache continueally the only thing i dont have is the urge to pee often its just lingering around any ideas anybody?????
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