My roommate has been diagnosed with Chronic Hepatitis B. She has an idea that she got it a couple of years ago from an ex partner. Anyway, I do all the cooking in the house and I'm worried for her health. I know what foods to definitely avoid such as deep fried foods, saturated fats, sugar, alcohol and sweets. She should eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and low fat meat such as poultry and turkey. But I'm wondering about the foods that don't exactly belong in those categories.

Can she eat scrambled eggs (I use half a teaspoon of oil) ?
Can she eat baked meat (poultry and turkey)? In the over, covered with tinfoil, no oil.
Can she sometimes drink a coke or eat chocolate?
I've read coffee is good for the liver, is this true? Can she drink 1/2 cups a day?

I understand that it's highly subjective but please, I'm asking for what's best for the liver *in general*. Given the circumstances can she eat the things I listed above or is it best to avoid them completely?

Final question, can you get rid of the virus like in her case with a chronic infection? Or is she destined to be ill for the rest of her life? What's the statistics? She is 28 years old.

Thank you,
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