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Chronic gout without gout attacks?

Hello Everybody!
I am 35 years old and have recently done a blood test due to aching fingers and knee caps. The only value that is high (7,4) is uric acid, and now I also looked at a blood test I did 15 years ago and it was about the same value back then. I have tiny nodules on some of the finger joints which are moveable and cause moderate pain when I clench a fist. Also the soles of my feet feel tender...tenderness is probably the better word than pain of what I'm experiencing all over. I have never had a real gout attack though and I was wondering if these could be uric adic deposits. All rheuma factors are negative. Thank you in advance for your answers and greetings from Spain!
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replied November 25th, 2010
Hi Shambalah! Yes, according to research it is possible to develope gout without having the usual attacks. Gout usually developes over several years of having high uric acid and this will then lead to the nodules or tophi that you are seeing/feeling in your fingers. You fit the profile as the time span you are talking about is 15 years. Your uric acid count is high. For males it should be between 0.21-0.43 and for females 0.16-0.36. I suggest you get to your doctor ASAP. It is possible to dissolve the tophi with agressive treatment. If you ignore the symptoms you are in for a rough ride. Complications of gout can lead to kidney stones, renal disfunction and damage to your joints, to name a few. No my friend, you need to have this looked at. Good luck!
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