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I've been suffering for over a year now many CFS/Adrenal symptoms.

4-5 days a week I wake up more tired than I've ever been in my life. I can't lift my head of the pillow and it feels like gravity is 10 times stronger than it was before I went to sleep.

The odd thing is some of the evenings of those days tend to be better than the entire day was.

On these 'off days' I experience cognitive impairment that prevents any tradition thought process to occur. Forget my ADD, I'm talking about the inability to form thoughts, complete sentences and I'm constantly using the wrong words.

The other day I had a flash light in my hand and told my wife to take the scissors from me. I fumbled through two more words before I found the right one.

I've been under tremendous stress prior to and since starting my own company this past January. What bad timing. Between the economy and by body/mind - I don't know which is worse off right now.

I have ADD (not ADHD) that I take 30mg of Adderall for 3x daily - sometimes 4 plus, 300mg of Provigil 1x daily. On the many off days I experience, the Adderall & Provigil are rendered useless regardless of the dose.

I have recently been diagnosed with degenerative scoliosis and I'm in nearly constant pain (though it varies throughout the day and week)and when I have severe & painful muscle spasms due to my muscles displeasure with my spine having moved or twisted, the pain causes or brings on severe fatigue and sleepiness that is unimaginable.

I've always had a bit of depression now and again plus anxiety. I take 375mg of Effexor for depression and nothing for the anxiety - sort of. I used Valium about 2 years ago for a couple months but it became a problem for me. Week 1, it worked great - Week 2 I needed a bit more - by week six I had doubled or tripled what I was prescribed. It became a vicious cycle and once I read up on it, I ended the love affair immediately. I now use Baclofen (muscle relaxer) for anxiety. It was prescribed for my back but it doesn't work there. It also has a nice side effect of cutting any craving to drink booze down to nothing most days. Others, a beer or a glass of wine once or twice a week.

As for pain killers, I've been prescribed a few different ones lately but I can't find one that can make my pain manageable. I was recently prescribed Morphine and not only did it scare the heck out of me - I figured if I started it now, what the hell was I going to be prescribed in 2, 3 or 5 years down the road. I never got it refilled and it didn't really work either. I'm going for a 3rd Epidural in as many weeks plus, I'm looking into acupuncture.

On most 'off days' I also have problems with my blood pressure - even if I sit or kneel down just for a second or two. I've had a head rush before but these cause me to grab hold of furniture or kneel back down immediately. I have not passed out entirely yet but these take a good 10-20 seconds to recover.

Well, I'm not sure what I've missed but please feel free to ask.

So, my question is this: do these symptoms lean towards CFS, Adrenal Syndrome or something else entirely? Anyone else have similar problems??

Thank you in advance and I'm very pleased to have found this forum.
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replied February 15th, 2010
I cannot comment on what is really going on with you but I have had a lot of your symptoms as in blood pressure fluctuations ect I think it may have been a sort of serotonin syndrome the pain fatigue was a huge issue for me the twisted spine all that the same. I had been on effexor for 7 years and some pain pills too. What I have learned is this if ALL opiates increas serotonin as does the effexor I do not know if adderall and the other drugs you take can increase it but I would look into it if I were you. I recently found an article about chronic serotonin sydrome presenting as chonic fatigue/fibromyalgia a keen eye of a physio therapist caught the difference and sent the person to a neurologist where she was diagnosed with serotonin syndrome.
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replied May 7th, 2011
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Firstly I'd say investigate the meds you're on, see if there are any long or short term side effects which may be causing problems such as with your sleep or concentration.

Secondly get a battery of tests done, check your bloodwork and see your Doctor. If you're overweight at all try to tackle that if you can with diet and some exercise, it will help blood pressure and your sleep and these in turn might ease the other symptoms.
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