For the past couple decades, I've a condition worsening with each
occurrence. Same ear gets plugged up -- some discharge ( wax ? ) --
takes a while to clear & hear again. It does clear up but --- am
wondering if it might evidence a degeneration or something that
eventually might not recover.

At least the knitting-needle stabbing pain which occurs when it prolongs,
has no longer been a symptom of late. (Or is the lack of pain ... bad ? )
The duration of the symptom becomes longer & longer.
What was weeks are now months. Was 2-3 months, this year, then it
finally cleared. Next, soon thereafter at a regular swimm I forgot to
bring my earplug. It flared up immediately, and it's been a couple
months now. (I tried another prescribed bottle of the usual nostrum --
Polymyxin b - neomycin --hardly any effect.)

It may be a micron better -- but, today someone at my swimming club
suggested putting hydrogen peroxide in each ear. The "good" ear could hear
the crackling of it interacting with wax -- but thru the bad I couldn't hear a thing. ( Scary )

He also recommended using heat from a blow dryer at low setting, and I
just got one at a thrift store ( $2.50 ) am trying that too.

Monday, I got back to my general practitioner and expect to get a referral to an
otolaryngologist ASAP.
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replied September 26th, 2014
Instead of blow dyer,steaming the ear is best remedy.But yes if still hearing issue persist it is advisable to contact ENT specialist early as possible.
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