So I'm a 28 year old guy. I've always had blockage in my ears, having to go to get them irrigated at least 2 times a year, sometimes more, ever since I was 13. I guess I should mention that at around 18 I started developing Tinnitus, though it was never diagnosed because a few ENTs I went to said there was no hearing loss so there was nothing they could do. I should probably also mention that I've been diagnosed with Graves disease (an Autoimmune disease) 2 years ago. They gave me Radioactive Iodine because I was allergic to all the medication for it.

So. Starting in August this year I went back to the doctor to get my ears irrigated and the left one was also hurting so he gave me the ear drop antibiotics. I took them for 10 days as instructed and it went away. Exactly 1 month later, my left ear was blocked again and hurting and I had a little more in my right. He gave me the drops again, took them for another 10 days and it was fine. Went back to a different doctor since I was out of state October 1st for another blockage and hurting.
And last Saturday I went back again. This time, the pain went away, but my hearing hadn't returned. I can hear somewhat, but much like sticking your finger in your ear. I went to bed that night and next morning ear wax was crusted up on my outer ear and the pain is again back.

I made an appointment for an ENT but they can't see me until 2 weeks from now. I've dealt with this pain for so long now I can not stand it anymore. I don't care about the not hearing, except that the tinnitus is 50 times worse when I can't hear, but this pain is too much. What can I do to make it go away until then?

While we're at it I'd just like to know, what could possibly be going on to be causing all of this?
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