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chronic dry coughs wear me out and make me tired.

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Hi there, im writing here because of my utmost frustration at being able to find a solution to my chronic cough. i am a 24 year old male relatively thin weighing only at 120lbs and being 5'11 tall. my health record is generally good with no serious health problems. only thing i can think of is minor heart murmer. I do NOT smoke nor do any drugs. none of my relatives or friends do either. i live in a clean environment and regular commute to college with my vehicle. i do not work anywhere with bad weather. Starting 3-4 years ago i started having these dry hacking coughs that lasted for about 3 months. i saw a specialist and he said i have 100 days cough which comes and goes and that there is nothing i can do about it. it used to be that i would get this once a year with last time being in june 2011. None of the doctors that i have ever seen been able to help me. Anyway i started coughing again since last week only 7 months after it stopped. it seems the period between these coughs is getting closer in time. i am very worried as these coughs really wear me out and make me tired.

The symptoms:
- dry hacking cough specially in cold dry air
- tickling sensation in throat
- most of the time when i lie down it goes away
- i do not cough while sleeping
- NO cough or allergy medicine helps
- inhaling hot steam helps stop coughs (near a humidifier)
- drinking hot tea/coffee temporarily stops coughs

please if anybody have any idea what i'm suffering from and how i can stop it from ruining my education and life, it will be appreciated. thanks.
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replied March 5th, 2012
Hi Pickler,

I am not a doctor so please keep this in mind. But usually a tickle in your throat is post nasal drip. But with your cough not being productive is strange. I would recommend seeing a Pulmonologist to get an idea what is going on. The Pulm. at the minimum will run a a breathing study on you.
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replied March 15th, 2012
Dry Cough Remedy
20 years ago I had a similar situation where doctors could not get a handle on my chronic dry cough. It turned out to be a parasitic infection which was totally dissemminated into my body. I started doing natural parasitic remedies like black walnut cleanse from Hulda Clarkes book Cure for all diseases. More recently I had another infection which was fungal lung infection and cured it using MMS, which is sodium dichloride. You can find it on the net as well. Get it from
Doctors are great but the body is very complex, therefore doctors miss lots of infections. Be a researcher and get online, save a ton of money and get busy getting well which is your goal and mine. I should write a book and someday will. Lots of folks in your position. I was. Good luck
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