I was having broken stool for month or so.

I used to have gas and abdominal pain before stool which used to ease out after going to toilet and generally had stool 3-4 times at day.

2 days before i eat something outside and i have 102 fever the next day and chronic diarrhea.

Today itself i have to toilet atleast 10 times.

I had lymphocyte 18% and ESR 22%.

i had a sexual exposure on NOVEMBER 2010.

Had 7 -ve results upto 8 months but i have OCD so i fear that last month while testing they might have re-used the needle at SAFDURJANG HOSPITAL DELHI.

So technically i am still in window period

What can be the cause?
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replied September 11th, 2011
Please suggest.
Hi Sir,
I had sex with girl on 04-june-2011. I had a condom while sex with her. But she sucked my pennies without condom. For this reason I took the HIV test on 08-sept-2011 and it is showing negative. Am I safe from this? Please suggest.
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