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Chronic déjà vu then disorientation


I was typing up my lab report on my laptop when I began to become confused as to wether I had even done this project before or not... I feel into a dream like state and my head was spinning. My heart rate was high and I thought it was the end. I couldn't recall simple information (such as day of the week) for about 20 minutes afterwards and my head hurt. What the heck went wrong??
(P.S. suffered from recent minor injury to lower back).

Angus Hildreth
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replied September 9th, 2009
Angus, no idea what it is - but, yeah - I've had that sort of thing twice in a fortnight, and never before. I can't even describe it. But a little creeped out by them. If you get an answer - let me know!
(Now convinced myself that I have epilepsy, so would be relieved to know I am just neurotic!!)
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